10 Surprises For New Dad

Every new dad definitely get a shock. It was already started when the baby cry for the first time. Upon hearing the first cry, a variety of mixed feelings into one. Surprised, happy, thrilled, and anxiety mixed into one. Not a new father in tears upon learning his son was born. “Ah, I’ve become my father. Hopefully I can be a good father,” she thought. Here are few surprises to be received before the new father is often not him.

The usual feelings toward a father who had just had a child. In the first few months there will be a feeling of proud, strong, and want to protect your child. But on the other hand there is a feeling of fear that he would not be able to protect and provide the best for their children. No need to worry with this feeling. All you need do is just try to give the best for your child, do not worry about the end result. Just enjoy the process.

Feeling love new and different
Many people say, that happiness has a child can not be equated with other excitement. It was also perceived a new father. Nothing can match your love of the child, including the love of his wife. Feelings of love for a newborn baby is so unique and specific, and some people can only answer: “I can not be expressed in words.”

Foreign feelings
One day after the birth of your child, you may be confused by your feelings. Do not be surprised if one day you feel undecided about whether foreign and really get to know your child. There will be some sort of guilt and you ask yourself if you are a good father. It is not a strange feeling. Add adjacent time with your child so you can understand it.

Not only mothers who are depressed. A father can have these feelings. But the feeling of depression is not due to the increased amount of hormones as experienced mothers. Will likely arise when feeling tired and bored pup care of the little guy who picked her up when baby cries. But do not worry, these feelings will be gone for long.

There will be feelings of fear toward a new father. You may be afraid of holding, bathing, unable to care for as well as your father used to be afraid to act when the child vomited. Things like that will come your way as well, like when you feel depressed.

Feelings toward the partner
When before have kids you definitely have a lot of time with the couple. But after the baby comes, your time will definitely be taken up. You no longer will have plenty of time to mingle with the little guy. Even time for a chat also must be reduced, because usually you will apply the exchange system at bedtime. For example, you keep your child, your wife usually slept. And vice-versa.

Interaction with your child
You must be happy to interact with the little guy. But perhaps you are then disappointed, because the child did not respond to you. He looks cool and not react. Wait, do not despair. The little guy who was only a few weeks is not yet able to react like smiles and laughter. He was only able to cry. So do not be cranky if your child can not react as you expect.

New topic conversations
You certainly will have a new topic of conversation with family and friends. Talks about the price of milk up to the price your diapers will often make the main topic. Though the talks you never touch, even after you get married.