Your Weight?

A person is said to have the ideal size if the shape is not too skinny and not too fat. Also, if it looks harmonious between weight and height has.

In order for a person’s ideal body, fat in the body should be in a normal state. Fat is needed in the body, but do not keep up deficiencies or excess. To support a person’s life, there must be at least 3% fat of body weight. These fats are called essential fats found in cell membranes, bone marrow, nerve tissue, spinal cord, brain, around the heart, lungs, liver, spleen, kidneys, and intestines.

If the fat in the body is more than 3% of body weight, it can be said flab. This fat may be protective organs of the body to injury. Normal amount of fat deposits that differ between men and women. Normal fat content in the body of a young adult male is 15 to 20% of body weight. Whereas in young adult women is 20 to 25%. This proportion increases with age. For example in older adult men up to 27% of body weight, whereas adult women aged up to 30% of body weight.

Overweight is a condition of the occurrence of excessive fat accumulation that may lead to weight gain. Someone overweight if it weighs 10 to 20% above ideal weight. A person who is overweight will find:

often out of breath
Body feels heavy
Frequently overheats
Frequent pain in the waist, hips, thighs, and knees.
This certainly is a reminder that the person can begin diet and adequate physical exercise to stay healthy and fit.

Someone said to obesity if there is weight gain by 20% of ideal body weight. Obesity can be measured from body fat stores. A woman said to be obese when body fat is more than 30% of ideal body weight. As for the man, he would say obese when it exceeds 27% of ideal body weight.