Why said DO NOT Allow Used?

Many people say, do not say the word ‘not’ in children. Are you also including the restraint to not say the word please? It’s okay to say the word no, but there are situations and goals that need to be addressed.

“Do not go up!”, “Do not play the water!”, “Do not run”. Ever hear those words spoken to children? How are you feeling? What do you think? Or it used to say to the children?

Some people are uncomfortable with the use of the word ‘do not’, either because it is not unusual to use it as well as the principles he held. A kindergarten, where I had been a consultant, never use a deed ‘do’. At the beginning I watched the teachers, they use the word ‘no’.

Do you belong to a forbidden word ‘do’? The word ‘do not’ do have characteristics that affect its pluses and minuses. It’s a natural part of the language that have the meaning. Therefore, in addition to have┬ácharacter that makes the word ‘do not’ avoid its use, the word ‘do not’ one should not be used. Well why the opposite?

What makes the word ‘please’ stay may be pronounced? Is the answer to the following reasons.

1. The word is not part of everyday language

No child may be spared the word ‘do not’. Want until when? The word ‘not’ is part of our life. The word ‘do’ has its own functions that still need to be introduced to the child.

2. Words do not work for prevent

Naturally, children as well as adults, have a compulsion and prohibition. The values ??are imparted to children must contain a mandatory and prohibition. In other words, something that valued must contain both. If it is necessary to prevent the harm of something, ‘not’ still need to be used.

3. The word should not be spoken as part or the opposite of expectations

Some say, “It’s not about the word ‘do not’, but what to do after the child’s use of the word ‘not’ is’. Ever hear of that kind? Now, the incorporation of both could be a whole story about the necessity and prohibition for children. For example, “Do not touch the water!” Could be the story, “The water that had cooked it hot, get sick when in contact with skin. Do not touch ya boy! “.

4. The use of the word not the emphasis of different emotions

Just compare the “Do not run!” With a “good girl, do not run so dong”. It is not very ideal, but a ban on the word should not be reduced if the way to say it that way.

Some situations and how it led to the word ‘not’ still be used. What do you think?