What you need Commute cycle


I have a long way by most standards (16.5 miles each way), but 75% of it is on the trails and it is a little easier. I wear a lot of equipment, I am IT professional, so I have to carry computer equipment and clothes towel for the shower etc … I decided to commute to start, because I felt it was the right thing to do, the more I love cycling.


Firstly, the bike: I ride a road bike for a tour with narrow wheel tires … it is not just for commuters. travel, I decided to go mountain biking. You must not be afraid to spend a few dollars, but will not break the bank either. I found a nice big Ricion for about $ 100, which is currently my suburb. The important thing is to stay away from department stores. quality used bikes always serve you a new bike from wally world.

Bicycle Accessories: we need a number of things for your bike.

* Carriers: implementation may sound like a backpack is a good idea, but it sucks … make sure you get real support and not one of those jobs seatpost. Seat brackets are great if you only need an ordinary bag, but you will be a lot of back pockets, including the need …

* Bags: You do not need huge amount, but more space is better. , Think about what you wear … probably a change of clothes, a towel (if you do not have a shower, you always want a towel so you can take a bath splashes) etc … Have (later, etc.)

* Fender: Believe me, if you want wings moving, even if you do not ride in the rain. if it is to ride a bicycle have muddy spots on the road and some car will force you to hit a puddle. more it is great place to put your stickers onelesscar.com!

* Trunk Bag: This goes beyond the frame and the things that you wear on your bike to.

* Lights: beginning and end of the season, it may be dark in the early morning hours. I use a light that took cheap at Walmart not to be fancy. and keep in mind, they are less to be able to see you, and you can be seen. I recommend a taillight LED that blinks.

* Bike Computer: it is again making a cheap, all you really need is a speedometer, so you can keep your pace.

What would you do next: You have a number of things on the bike wear all the time, if you’re lucky you’ll rarely need them.

* Replacement tube: Finally, you will have a flat sucks, but that’s life … Bites nothing worse than getting a flat and call for a ride. it can demoralize there, done that …

* Small tool kit: I carry a Topeak Survival Gear kit has everything you need to make minor repairs. If I get in the way of tools. What you need here, so I need a bike mechanic and my turn is over

* Air pump: Should I … You can get a cheap frame pump. I do not remember where I was, but you can not solve with a dish itself.

Bike Lock: I hope I do not have to explain. Even if your employer allows your bike inside if you want to stop at the cafe? by taking a loaf of bread on the way home?

That pretty much covers what you need. Later, I’ll talk about how to get started writing and how to take a route.