Tips Overcome Pain At Childbirth

To cope with pain during labor, try to apply the following tips:

During contraction, try to take a position like crawling on top .
The position this reduces head pressure baby’s against bone your back. In this the position of crawl this,  hands and backs. When contractions finished, put down plenty of pillows-pillow to prop your head.
When contractions began to again, get rid of pillow-pillow such in order you can return in a position crawl anymore.
Ask your partner to massage your lower back, or compress your back with warm water in between times of contraction. Use talc or petroleum jelly as a lubricant while massaging.
Move continued to in between each contraction. It will helps you to overcome the pain during childbirth. When contractions, choose positions of the most comfortable.
Maintain a position of backs who upright, good while standing, sitting, nor other positions. Point for the baby’s head remains in the cervix well, so the contractions were happening more and more powerful and effective.
Concentrate on respiratory your, for the soothe and reduce pain.
Sing your song  when pain arises to release flavor your pain. However, no need too hard in order not discard energy that very you need when spending baby is later.
Concentrate on each contraction. Do not think about a sense of pain or fear for the contraction the next one. Try to see contractions as a wave that must be followed to achieve when expenditure the baby.
Urinate as often as possible in order bladder urine is not deter when contractions.
If necessary, you could ask for drugged be epidural for the reduce the pain.
An epidural is an anesthetic to reduce the pain by making the immune while the nerves in the lower body. Epidural should be given is just enough, so that at the stage 2 childbirth (ie stage of expenditures baby), anesthesia these already disappeared. If the anesthetization this does not disappear at stage 2 such, then the process expenditure baby can became longer and may have to be be done episiotomy (the cutting vagina in order that way of birth exit infants wider) or must be used a tool  forceps to give birth a baby.