Things You Need To Look For Parents

There are times when the mother wanted the child as early as possible to have the ability to look beyond her years that great compared to his peers. This is fine, as long as the child is stimulated his intelligence by considering the following five aspects:

Almost the entire time the child is used to sleeping and playing. So if you want to teach her something, make the learning activities as part of the play.
Every child at this age have the urge exploration (to investigate), examine, try, look for new things, learn to use the tools of his senses and satisfy his curiosity, which is very large. But because of the development of a sense of ego that also is on the rise, often the urge is gone just because he felt cornered. For example being forced, criticized, or punished. Therefore Stimulate interest in any positive way.
However the end result “tasks” that you give her, should be accepted with a sense of joy and pride. Praise him and give him gifts. Remember, gifts do not always have to be goods, but rather a gentle pat on the head, smears love and warm hugs, also very important to her.
The process of learning for children of this age must take place in an atmosphere of joy and always tailored to the age and ability. Because the ultimate goal of all the activities that you give her is to make children feel happy.
Answering questions is also a learning process children are essentially the same as stimulating children’s intelligence. No matter how busy you are, take the time to answer every child’s curiosity. Less wise if you wait until the “schedule” programmed learning you arrive.

In many cases the child’s physical development, cognitive and social emotional relationships disrupted due to poor mothers and children. That’s why the motto “Asih, foster, grindstones”, should remain with the parents in the child’s growth and development efforts optimally.

Compassion is the emotion or affection needs. These needs include the need for security is manifested in the physical and psychological contact as early as possible.

Custody is the physical needs of biomedical needs of children for food (nutrition), primary health care such as immunizations, shelter, hygiene and sanitation, clothing, physical fitness (exercise) and recreation.

Sharpening is a need for mental stimulation. This requirement is the forerunner of the process of learning (education and training) in children. Mental stimulation is very important at this age toddlers.