The Sticky With Your Very Small

Some children are close to the father, often going to bed only when accompanied by his father. Things like this do not just happen to young children, but also occurred in older children. A child can also be rude to you or your spouse, even if you or your partner do not be bad. This happens because you or your partner do not have enough time to interact with children.

1-year-old child, basically afraid to part with parents (can be any one, or both), and he was glad for the attention. Both of these attitudes are just some of the milestones in the social development of children both. Children who are too sticky with her mother, is likely to reject his father. He can yell, hit, pushed, and so forth. They did not because he hates his father, but it is done to prevent the father separates from the mother, as well as to steal the show with her mother in order to keep going.

Seen based social and emotional development, children aged 1 year is full of personal curiosity and eager, but still dependent on adults to get attention and a sense of peace. They also love to play with adults, especially for repetitive game. If the child characteristics associated with the above, he should not reject father’s presence, although the frequency is much less than the mother’s presence. Supposedly he has a great curiosity to the father. He will be excited, explore, and want to play around with it. Then, why children reject him? He wants something but tidaktau what I get. According to experts, children who reject his father instead may interact more with his father. But he hit for not knowing how to express. He became upset, so it looks angry and behave badly. Such a situation is often exacerbated by parents who were shocked and confused. Children sometimes it will further clarify the bad attitude when he saw his parents confused and embarrassed.

Some appropriate response can be devastatingly bad attitude towards children’s father:

Calm is the best way.
Parents do not need to be confused because of the bad attitude was child is something reasonable for his age.
Mother, berperanlah as facilitator.
Do and improve all kinds of ways to improve your relationship and couples with children. Yet you should not force children. Make sure children know it is not ignored by his parents. Suggest father to provide a special time to be alone with children.
Father, Take part in caring for the child.
Fathers can participate in caring for children, so that children do not think of it as an outsider.
If the child does not want to answer to do something with the father, the father can casually replied, that this is the time of the father with the child.
Dad should be confident, and have always believed that the father was loved, though attitudes, actions, and words do not reflect the child. If the father does this with a regular, then the warm relationship between the child and the child will be realized.
Give a good example to children.
Give an example of how to be loving to the father. For instance, hugs and kisses dad when you wake up in the morning. Encourage the child to participate do so. Or say the words at the right time.