The importance of play for child stimulation

Play is an activity undertaken for someone to have fun, Regardless of the final result. Especially the case in children, while there are those parents who think children are too Often played, will cause the child to learn the lazy and stupid. This opinion is less wise Because some experts say that the play is useful for childhood development.

Today’s parents seem to force their children to always read the book, while not paying attention to her child the ability to absorb the lessons of the book. This is certainly not benefit anyone. While the eagle dis time, the child is playing with all the imagination, for example the Block and play house, roomates is implicitly build their applications crucial life skills and prepare their brains for future challenges it will face.

The benefits of play for children is:

Behave better
According to research, children behave better in class when they have more time to play in the park. Children who had a 15-minute rest period in between lessons have better behavior during class. Unfortunately, more than 10.000 children in this study had only a gap of less than 15 minutes each day.
Working in the team
Play also Teaches children empathy. By playing in a group of children will learn to pay attention to other people’s feelings. Play activities also the make children learn to Regulate their emotions, skills that greatly helped to face problems in the future.
Many moves
Disease American Heart Association recommends that children aged over two years to do physical activities they like at least an hour every day. Scientific evidence also suggests active children will grow into adults who are active and love sports.
Enhance learning
The better test of children’s physical activity, the better the ability of their academic tests. Although impressed playful yet from the various games that kids actually do learn many things, such as math and language skills.
Play is the child’s world. The excitement of the game activity has been investigated by a group of Researchers in a poor neighborhood school that many children drop out of school. They teach children a variety of playground equipment. The result is known the children feel more secure and independent after playing. Like adults who took a break to release the pressure, children also.
Various kinds of games for the mental development of children:
Active Game:

Free and spontaneous play
In this game, children experiment or investigate, try and get to know new things.
Children imitate real characters admired in life and mass media.
Playing Music
Children develop social behavior by working with friends in the music, playing music instrument and singing.
Collect or collecting something
Pride in child already has a unique collection or collections are more than friends.
Sports Games
Developing physical was a period of growth and encourage socialization of children.
Passive game:

Broaden your horizons and knowledge of children, so that they develop creativity and imagination into a better direction.
Listen to the radio
Increase their knowledge by listening. However, it must be ensured that the telecast was for children with language that suits them.
Watching Television
quality and to increase of the power of thought was responsible for the child to further develop his imagination with what he saw.