Terror Night

Have you ever experienced a state where your baby scream hard when you just want to go to bed last night? It could be not just once but often (happened).

There currently sprinted to her room, your child looks sat with his eyes open but like he did not recognize you. You frantically shook his shoulder and asked what had happened. When your child woke up and looked confused, you try to calm him down and explain that it was just a nightmare. And baby you were not even grow uneasy calm.

If it only happens once in a while might not be a problem. But what if it is? was repeated and the time was about the same. Only one or two hours the child was asleep, she screamed in terror. You become more confused and scared. All kinds of assumptions come to mind. “What is it? Lest his health. Alternatively … perhaps there is a disturbing demons”.

When the first thing that comes, the doctor had been the goal, and when that comes to mind second, religious leaders or even psychic who will be the target of the visit. Is it wrong? Not really, not every parent would try his best to be beloved children remain healthy and away from all the dangers and diseases. But before that, it’s good when you read a bit of the story about the “terror by night’s sleep” is.

Children were screaming during sleep we would generally associate with nightmares. When in fact there is one term that may be a bit foreign to our ears, the night terrors.

Nightmares occur in deep sleep phase which we call REM (Rapid Eye Movement). This phase can be seen easily when someone noticed when she fell asleep. See the eyelids closed and we could see the movement to the left and to the right on a regular basis. In the case of this nightmare can indeed make a very frightened child as if he had just gone through a period of real spooky.

Unlike the case with night terrors. This situation occurs in non-REM phase. In the event of a night terror, the child actually still asleep, although his eyes were open. Even if he woke up, he would not remember what he had experienced. So, do not be surprised if when she woke up she could not answer your question about the “dream” he had just experienced.

Night terrors usually occur at approximately the same time, about one or two hours after he started to fall asleep and end within a few minutes up to an hour. So, it is now clear that it is not strange things that disturb his sleep. But, how can happen ya?