Stress During Pregnancy

Pregnant women should not be too worried if the conditions of stress and anxiety during pregnancy are being lived will their babies. A study ever conducted in the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, suspect that the condition of stress and anxiety during pregnancy appeared to have benefits for the baby.

Based on a study involving 137 women with a healthy pregnancy and a normal yield the result that those who experience stress and anxiety in pregnancy weeks 24 to 32 are likely to have children with mental and motor skills? More developed when he was two years old.

The study also showed that children born to women who are known to have negative feelings towards pregnancy would have lower emotional level. Actually there are several biological reasons that may explain that the stress condition is harmless and beneficial for babies suspected. Chemicals produced by stress conditions known to affect the growth and development of the organs of the baby. It is suspected that genetic inheritance is also influenced by environmental factors. Women who experience stress as this is probably the type of woman who always likes a challenge or encouragement to them, and ultimately will affect or encourage their children to develop faster. It should be noted that the women in this study is not a woman who has severe mental problems, such conditions are very depressed or anxiety disorders is quite high. However, the specific conditions in this study were women with normal stress and anxiety that are common and often occurs in women who are busy working. Expected results of this study may be different for pregnant women with severe mental favorable conditions, both physical and stress disorders that frequently occur in his life.