Strategies Tricks Avoiding Jet Lag

When traveling abroad, so the jet lag experienced something unusual. Crossed the time zone difference, through the activities with different times, then back again to the place of origin. Headache, nausea and weakness emerged.

Steven W. Lockley, a team member of fatigue management the U.S. space agency (Nasa) says that greatly influence the direction of flight. This is related to the residence time difference that has made you accustomed. So you avoid jet lag, try some of these tricks.

– Consumption of water
“Increase consumption of water. Way is to keep your body hydrated and keep your mind functioning properly,” said Vivek Jain, Medical Director of George Washington University Hospital Centre, was quoted as saying by the Huffington.

– Set diet
Consuming protein foods such as beans, and fish tend to feel full longer and can keep you energized upon arrival at the destination. You can also eat the chicken without the extra fat to protein. Avoid fatty foods that can make fast asleep.

– Stay active
Amy Korn-Reavis, a sleep technologist advised to try moving your body every two hours on the plane. Keeping your body active helps to keep the blood circulation in the body. Besides light exercise before or after air travel can keep your body energized during the day and help you sleep more soundly at night.

– Plan mature
Anticipation of the plan matured on hotel accommodation, transportation and other things related on your trip. This would make it significantly quieter and less stressful on the go.