Stimulate Children Creativity since Small

Do not give too many restrictions to your baby, so that he can freely satisfy their curiosity and exploration.
Do not always help him when he wanted to do something. For example, when he wants you to help open a bottle of milk, demonstrated how your way and give it a spirit to try to do so.
One way to stimulate the creativity of children is to give toys to stimulate active. For example, a simple puzzle with large beams for children 7-8 months.
Create a comfortable environment, fun and carefree for him so that he has ample opportunity to experience the positive learning process.
classical music before bed or take her while playing rhythm clapping accompaniment tracks.
Appreciate any progress. And give a sincere compliment in accordance with its business, not just the kind of small talk ‘Good!’ or “Great!” Praise be pushing it right to continue to try different things.
Choosing Toys that Evocative Creativity

Buy age-appropriate toys / instructions printed.
When your little one is able to hold small objects, give him a pencil or crayon (non toxic) as well as picture books. Let him busy doodling and continue this activity if it looks like it.
Put reading activities in their activities. Read and explain each picture. Every now and then, select a picture book without text, so you can ask him (to communicate) about the story of what happened in the book.
Do not give all the toys to the small collection. Give them one by one so that your child will play and experiment with the toy with the maximum.