Someone Know Your Personality Of The sleep position

The Australian Psychologists have identified several sleeping positions that can explain personality and character of a person. So that was quoted from Geniusbeauty.

According to specialists, this is because when someone is sleeping subconscious act to follow. Here are some sleeping position and the meaning behind it.

1. Fetal position
This position resembles a baby in the fetal position, curled to the side. That is, the person in need of protection.

2. the supine position
Straight body position and facing up is usually chosen someone who enjoys helping and focused.

3. position Royal
Almost the same as the supine position, but the position of the hand is under my head. This means that the person has a very big confidence.

4. Semi-fetal position
Not much different from the fetal position, but the position of the foot is only bent half alone. Usually this position reflects a reasonable person and tend to like to get angry.

5. Balanced position
The position of the body lying sideways with his hands hugging a pillow or someone he loves. This position means that the person has a quiet personality, knows what he wants in life, more concerned with his family and a leader.