Realize Dreams With Venture Towns City

For those of you who like city building simulation games are not necessarily familiar with Sim City, Cities XL, Civilization. Yes, three of the game made by Kairosoft which is the expert makes simulation games are a few games that have been very popular and has many fans in the world.

Not satisfied until there, now Kairosoft again presents a similar game can be played on iOS and Android devices, Venture Towns. You curious?

Venture Towns is a simulation game that will take you to build a city. In the early game, you will only be given a quiet town where there are only two houses and one office building. Your job is to be able to change it all so that the city could become a city truly prosperous and prosperous life.

Not to be confused, you can see the tutorial to help you play. You can find it on the menu, system, and tutorials. How to play the game fairly easy, you do not need to control the population, because they will move by itself. Their movement patterns are out of the house, office to go and get the money.

The money generated will be used to purchase a variety of needs in the market, restaurants and other places. And the money spent it will automatically go into your account. They will also be able to save money to renovate his house to be bigger.

You will also get money if they want to make a home in the city, because they have to pay rent every year to you. Every time they try to upgrade his house, the rent will rise. The rental price depends on what is around the house. The more luxurious facilities around, then the rent will rise.

At the start of play, the population is only going to work as a freelancer. However, the development of the city that you created, then automatically you will open many new fields for their work as actors, dancers, chefs, journalists, and others.

To play this game, you should just be patient. Existing facilities were initially very expensive. But if you want to wait, the money will continue to go to your account indefinitely.

In addition, Kairosoft also provides a variety of features that you can find hidden throughout the game that will certainly make you more addicted to playing this game.

For those of you who are interested can get this game in the Android Store for USD 3.99 for Android users and at the iTunes Store for USD 5.74 for iOS users.

Have fun!