Power Saving, Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnancy is not an illness that requires pregnant women get plenty of rest in bed. But because they have to share energy with the growing fetus, so you tend to tire easily.

That is why, we have to our doings while pregnant, so as not to run out of power even sickened. So, wherever you are, whether at home, office or in a public place, adjust the activity with your pregnancy.

At Home

Adjust the neatness of the house with the state standards and the ability of your body today. So, you do not have to clean up every time a newspaper on the table or smoothed potted ornamental plants in the yard.
Feel free to ask for help when you need it. For example, for objects on top of cabinets, or bring the goods to the top floor.
Delegate chores. To clean the house, wash clothes or cook, entrusted it to the maid. Of course, for your supervision.
Needless to shopping every day. Household shopping can be done at the end of the week with her husband.
In the Office

Cut up and down stairs. Too often go up and down stairs makes your heart work harder.
Reduce paced unnecessary. Bring food for lunch can be one way to save energy in the office, because you do not need to leave the office for lunch.
Avoid overtime. The key, smart manage time and work based on priorities.
In Public Places

If you want recreation, choose a safe, convenient and easy to reach. Recreational areas with rugged terrain that requires you to walk uphill or downhill, not the right choice. Likewise, avoid visiting crowded shopping center super, because some women easily dizziness and nausea while in the middle of the hustle and bustle Hiru.
Reduce the excitement before setting off. Holiday own cooking for lunch was delicious. But take care lest you run out of energy before enjoying leisure.
Select an action transportation bothersome. As much as possible, reduce down-up vehicle, especially if the vehicle makes you uncomfortable posture.
Use your rights in public places, including public transport. Dare you to ask for a seat if all the seats are occupied.
While in a public place, try not to stand or sit for too long, time to yourself to sit with legs straightened out or walk around for a while.