New Experience Playing Game Rope Escape

You get bored with the wide selection of mobile games available today? If so you can try a new game with the theme of endless running available on the Android platform and Apple. Game proceeds made from the developer Deemedya MS Ltd is packaged in a fun and adorable, you will not be bored made. This game is titled Escape Rope.

In this game you will play as an archaeologist who stole a treasure trove of local primitives. All you have to do is run as far away from the chase and throw the weapon of angry residents.

Escape Rope is clearly different from the theme of endless running game. As stated in the title, you have to liberate yourself by using a rope. Yes, you have to hang on to the rope while jumping over the trees like Tarzan.

To bring the character jump using a rope, you have to do is press your finger on a tree, then your character will throw the rope to the tree and start swinging. To remove the strap, press anywhere and you should be hanging in a tree next. The game will end when you fall to the ground and the final score will be accumulated.

You just can not hang in the trees only, but you can also do it on the rocks. If you jump higher, you can hang from balloons, rockets, and even asteroids.

And if you’ve reached a certain height, there are coins to collect. Of course, the coins you can use to purchase various items for you such as buy launch escape rocket, magnet, to buy a new more powerful rope.

There are three types of game modes that can be played on the game’s Escape Rope. The first is the regular mode that aims to run as far as possible. There is also a mode Time Attack for test your speed in escape. And the last is the Rope Limit. In this mode, you have to run as far as possible by using a very limited supply of rope.

What makes the Escape Rope endless running game is different from the other is how to play. Escaped by hanging in the woods is a completely new and unprecedented in other games. It also makes people curious and want to try to play this game.

For those of you who are interested can directly download it for free in the Android Store to the Android platform and iTunes for iOS users.