Looking forward to The Role of Husband When Baby

One of the causes of high maternal mortality in Indonesia is the lack of role of the family, especially the husband, in the process during pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum. In fact, where my husband was very instrumental to help soothe physical and psychological condition of the wife.

The role of the husband is required during the pregnancy. A husband should accompany her to check her pregnancy, so the husband can also find and follow the step by step development of the baby. In addition, the husband can better understand the emotional state of his wife.

The condition is a time before delivery – the most stressful and tiring for a pregnant woman. In such situations, the presence of a husband in his wife’s hand so help feeling the wife becomes more controlled.

If you as a husband does not know what to do in these circumstances, should not be confused or panic quickly. You just be on his side so that every time his wife needs, you are also always ready to help. Husband should assist the wife with patience the total. However, not all husbands have the courage to witness the birth of her baby. If you as the prospective father can do it, enjoy the moment because it will be a memory that may not be forgotten.