How to Use the Word for Children DON’T ?

Many people avoid using the word ‘not’ in children. Are you avoid to use? The following story can make us think differently.

The number of people who say, “Do not use the word ‘please’!” Makes us wary and careful with what we say to the children. Many parents are desperately trying to avoid. Various training and habituation, somersaults sought. Do you also do it?

The word ‘do’ it has characteristics that make it still be spoken, but on the other hand need to be considerate in their use. Situation and need to get the attention of their intended use.

Recently, I watched a mother in my home. Incidentally I’m going home in honor of the long weekend and leave with hahaha. Mom is still using the ‘do not’. I found the use of different patterns, based on the situation and the purpose of the use of the word ‘do not’ is.

1. The word ‘do not’ spontaneous spoken for emergencies

Said to be spontaneous, because it just came out as a result of the mother’s habit, which used to use the word ‘do not’. In addition, the word ‘not’ is still the word in Indonesian there eh, that is present in our daily lives. I observe conditions, such as when the mother’s child or grandchild will use the knife. He said, “Do not use that knife!”.

2. The word ‘not’ was not spoken directly related to the current situation

Mom was never pulled her granddaughter from a pot of hot water, without saying ‘do not’. He immediately pull her grandson back. After that he told me about the hot water. In the story the new mother using the word ‘do not’. “Water is Beru cooked, put on the fire, it was hot, boy. If contact with the skin will be sore. So, do not touch! “, He said. Events related to the hot water is gone. The new mother says ‘do’ afterwards.

3. Saying positive phrases and eliminating ‘do’

The more often done by the mother is this third way. He was very rarely use the word ‘do not’. The mother used the words hope or transfer. The words hope or diversion is an alternative measure offered to children. For example, when children play continues until late at night, the mother does not  said “Do not play it again!”, But he said things like, “the doll into bed yuk!”