Healthy nails while pregnant

As a result of the action of the hormones of pregnancy, some pregnant women feel her nails grow faster and stronger. But there is also a feeling of being more brittle nails. If brittle nails, cut it short and avoid using nail polish.

Always keep your nails health. Consumption of foods that if you lack the protein, calcium and vitamin D.

Healthy nails are pink. If you want your nails look more okay, one should not do manicure (manicure fingers) and pedicure (foot care and fingernails). This activity can be done once a week. When done at home, you can save time and cost. Do not forget to provide the equipment first, then do the following steps:

Remove nail polish on your fingers (if you use it)
Wash your hands with soap, dry with a towel.
Nail clippers oval or flat. Stingy one direction, from each side to the center of the nail. Do not back and forth.
Soak hands in the basin of warm water. Combine soap and 1-2 teaspoons of lemon juice for about 15 minutes.
Use cotton that has been spread with cream stemmed to push the cuticle towards the edge and throw the rest of the dead skin.
When finished, gently massage the cream nails, then soak again in warm water that has been given the soap for a few minutes. Nail brush to be cleared of all debris.
Dry your hands
For those who like to wear nail polish, apply nail polish color of your choice
Perform the same steps on the nails of your toes. If you have trouble doing yourself because the stomach is enlarged, leave it to the experts. Alternatively, please ask at the beloved husband.

Manicure pedicure equipment can be a means of transmission of the disease. Therefore, make sure:

Choose a salon that has a good credibility.
All manicure and pedicure equipment has been washed and sterilization, please do not hesitate to ask a beautician there.
Cuticle nails should not be cut, just driven to the edge of the nail.