Giving Milk In Premature Babies

Babies will be born after the normal content of 37 to 42 weeks old. While premature babies born before reaching 37 weeks. Because age is not enough, then the organs have not fully developed so it can not function optimally. His body is usually small and have a low body weight (under 2500 grams).

Premature babies are more susceptible to infection. Breast milk is best eaten as it will help the baby get natural antibodies that can help infants during the first 6 months of his life. But how to give breast milk to premature babies?

For gestational age above 32 weeks
Premature babies are born in the 32 weeks typically been able to suck and swallow. You can immediately try feeding. Ability baby will grow fast if you do it this way. Initially baby may only find the nipple, licking, or suckle a little. To make sure your baby is getting enough, you can continue breastfeeding through spoons or cups.

For gestational age 30 to 32 weeks
Babies born in the range of 30 to 32 weeks usually is able to swallow, and have not been able to suck. You can give milk through a cup or spoon 1 to 2 times a day. To make sure the baby is getting enough, use smooth hose or pipe (can only be done in the hospital). But if the baby was able to drink a cup or spoon through more frequent and more, reduce the fine hose or pipe. In the meantime, you can try

For gestational age below 30 weeks
Babies born under 30 weeks have not been able to suck and swallow, so give milk through a fine tube or pipe. While providing milk through the pipe or hose, let the baby suck your finger or fingers. Thus, it can help stimulate the digestive tract or suck.

Always hugging and skin contact with the baby as often as possible. In addition to growing closeness you and baby, this way you can stimulate breast milk production.