Gifts for Little

If we want to give good gifts to nieces toys, children relatives or children of our own, we should study it first. Do not get toys that we give to add to his happiness, on the contrary even endanger his safety.

Here are the instructions from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission in buying toys for children:

Choose toys that are appropriate to the age, abilities and skills. Do not give toys that far exceeds the capabilities of age because it may harm.
For infants and children who still likes to put things in his mouth, do not give small toys or toys that can be separated into smaller parts. Because these toys can be swallowed and clog the breathing.
Read the label found on each toy, which lists designated age and safety recommendations as a guide before buying toys.
For children under age 8, avoid toys that have sharp edges and sharp points. Also avoid electric toys with heating elements.
Immediately dispose of the plastic wrapping on toys. Because children can make it as a toy and cause blockage of the breathing tract.
Choose toys that are sturdy and strong, not easily broken or torn into small parts.
Read the instructions on the toy to understand and then be purchased if the toy is appropriate for use in children.