First Asian Model Shown on cover of Vogue Italia

For the first time, and a resolution of 2013, Vogue Italia presents the first Asian model on the front cover. Models are lucky it was Fei Fei Sun are indeed long enough to be a model in the magazine.

However, during perform in the franchise’s oldest fashion magazine, only this time he appeared solo on the cover of Vogue Italia. Consideration Vogue chose Sun because Sun has a unique facial structure. So far, Sun has been featured as a model in leading fashion brands, such as Calvin Klein, Valentino and Diesel.

Just three years working as a model, she has entered the top 50 models and is ranked number 15 in the world. Stephen Meisel, the photographer said that the appearance of Sun in Vogue Italia is an homage to the famous supermodel from China in the ’50s, Machado.

“Asian women have long been regarded as a beautiful figure,” Meisel said, quoted by the Daily Mail.

In this magazine, the model from China that appear exotic and elegant. Shades of the 60s classic Avedon studio also highlighted to the traditional impression. But do not miss the touch of modern hairstyles with bangs disasak up.

Use eyeliner to make the eyes and burgundy lipstick colors further highlight the uniqueness of the Sun’s face. Vogue Italia representatives revealed that the concept of a photo session for the Sun is a blend of elegance and freedom aspect.
“Free and there is no limit, a universal language style to evoke the exotic allure of Machado and foremost,” said one of the sources of Vogue, was quoted by Fashionista.