Final Fantasy Game Developer Release Latest

After successfully issued a Final Fantasy and Kingdom hearts a hard sell in the market, Square Enix is ??one of the world’s best game developers released the newest RPG, Chaos Rings.

This game tells the story of the Master Warrior who suddenly sent into a very foreign and forced to compete in a fight to the death contest. This contest is made by a mysterious creature that calls itself the Ark Arena.

Rules of the contest is very simple. Two Master Warrior must form a team to fight with. If they lose, refuse to fight, or trying to escape from the place, the consequence is death.

If you can survive till the end, the winner will be rewarded with eternal life and eternal. You can play the four pairs of characters in this game, each pair has a different storyline. Means there are a total of eight playable characters and four different endings.

In terms of gameplay, the latest RPG game is not so different from other RPG games that you can get on Google Play. When you run the character will appear in the form of a virtual controller analog controls to run your character.

There is also action button should you press if there is a balloon exclamation mark over your character. The buttons the other is the key to open the map and in order to save your game. When fighting against the enemy, you will be confronted by a turn-based battle system, one of the most popular systems by classic RPG game players. However, Square Enix gave two additional features that characterizes the game Chaos Rings.

The first is a feature gene. Every after defeating enemies, you can take the enemy genes and apply yourself to your character gets new skills similar to those enemies. But of course this requires a lot more MP. The second feature is a feature Pair System. In this system, the two main characters you can attack the cooperation that can attack enemies and produce greater damage.

Graph of the new RPG game also brings 3D graphics. And the result is not messing around. Three-dimensional view was amazing and it can make you forget that you are playing games on your smartphone.

You can get a game that has a deep and complex story in Google Playstore.