Exciting Adventures in Video Game Beastie Bay

After successfully issued the previous Kairosoft games Sushi Spinnery and Kairobotika some time ago, mobile game developers are now re-launched its newest game, beastie Bay. Almost the same with other simulation games, this game invite you to build an unknown island with your pet.

The game begins when a young boy with a pet dog, stranded on an island unknown location. You, who plays the character of a man who was stranded was eventually decided to build the island is completely uninhabited.

The main idea of ??the Beastie Bay is bringing you into a mix of town simulation games and pet simulation or pokemon. Where in town simulation, you are required to develop the island you inhabit and explore the surrounding islands. While the game pokemon, you can complain pet, pet capture and even give weapons to pet them.

If in the view of the town simulation, this game is quite interesting. You are in demand to build houses, so people want to live on your island. Not only that, you also have to build wells, farms, up to the pier for tourists interested in visiting your island.

By mid-game, you can also get around the islands around you to explore these islands. Browsing is pointless to get new items, new pet and new research ideas.

Later, the island you will be the arrival of a monkey with a high IQ. This monkey will be tasked to conduct research new items that can make your island the more developed and advanced.

While doing the research, you can invest in a timber (lumber) to accelerate the process of this research. You are also required to make a nice island, so that structure and nature can work together better and provide benefits such as for pet recovery process faster.

In this game, you can collect more than one pet, so long as you build a shelter for them. But while exploring the island, you can only carry three pet only. Each pet has its own status as attack, defense and HP.

The more often you use them in battle pet, the higher the level of your pet. You can also teach them new skills-skills. Unlike other games that focus on the visual appearance of a clear pokemon, the Beastie Bay, a special strategy is in need if you want to succeed in this game.

You can also catch wild pet that you find a way of giving an item, but you first need to attack them weak.

Pet battle system in this game is exactly like the other turn-based RPG. Where you will be given a chance in rotation with the enemy. You can choose to attack, issued a skill or defend.

Overall, the system itself is fairly standard battle, but implemented correctly. You can even add multiple items to your pet to add to damage or HP.

When your pet is fighting, you should also pay attention to your island. Every pet needs a place to stay caught and you have to socialize with people you meet on the way.

You also need to harvest timber for keeping food and supplies. This game is also available on a shop that allows you to buy and sell stock. While the research station will provide advanced technologies that will enhance your island.

Overall, the Beastie Bay has gameplay concepts are very interesting to play. For those of you who are interested, can directly download it for free in the Android Store.

Good luck!