Enter Hobbit World Through The Hobbit: Kingdom

Less than a week, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey has managed to occupy the first rank ladder box office films. The film depicts the lives and adventures of Bilbo Baggins (Hobbit who inherit the ‘One Ring’ to Frodo Baggins in LOTR) also scored highest revenue movies are released in December. Beating the previous film, starring Will Smith “I Am Legend”.

For those of you who can not wait to go backĀ  enjoy second film “The Hobbit: Desoaltion of Smaug” which will air in December next year, to try to play a game about The Hobbit on your cell phone, the game is titled The Hobbit: Kingdoms.

The Hobbit: Kingdoms will not take you into the journey of Bilbo Baggins for The One Ring, but it is a strategy simulation game where you will build up a kingdom that can control the entire Middle Earth.

Early start this game, you must choose to be a nation Dwarf or Elf. After that, you will be given a brief tutorial on how to play this game The Hobbit. If you choose the nation Dwarf, Thorin Oakenshield it will guide you. However, if you choose Elf, Legolas who will give a tutorial.

In the game, it’s not much different from other strategy simulation game. You have to build a civilization and utilize the natural resources around your empire as fields and mines to be used as raw materials and income.

You should also build a strong fighting force to take over other places scattered around Middle Earth. But beware that other kingdoms were able to attack your city. And if you lose, you will lose the natural resources that have been collected. So it is also important for you to build forts to strengthen the defense of your city.

Besides carrying strategy simulation genre, The Hobbits: Kingdoms features the excellent social. In this game there is a real time chat facility that serves to communicate directly with other users.

There is also a mail feature that allows you to send private messages to each other. What’s more, you and other users to form an alliance to help each other civilizations or to ask for help when the city is attacked.

Presented many interesting features in this game will in turn make you more immersed in the game. Is one strategy game that you can play. If you are interested can directly download it in the Android Store for Android users and iOS users iTunes for you.