Emotional turmoil Expectant Mother

Natural emotional turmoil experienced by pregnant women. Of course, the origin is not excessive. The reasons are due to some hormonal changes in the body that is being set up various facilities for the growing fetus. Emotions of pregnant women will change with increasing gestational age.

Trimesters 1: department concerned

The women are generally overshadowed by the fear of the possibility of a miscarriage. Expectant mothers are also haunted by excessive anxiety about the condition of the fetus. Especially if this is your first pregnancy.

Various feelings make her pregnant, feeling like isolated from the environment. It may be that you feel depressed because of your desire to continue to discuss issues relating to your pregnancy is often different from the subject – people around. So join a group of moms. Your desire to share thoughts and feelings will certainly be met.

Often, gejola emotion is a desire for more attention people – people around her, especially her beloved husband. It is reasonable, however, if the emotional changes experienced have entered into the stage of depression, then you should be wary. Since stress will cause the blood vessels in the uterus shrink, so that blood flow to the uterus was reduced. This can cause the mother to the fetal blood flow is reduced and the fetus was receiving less oxygen and nutrients.

Maternal stress, or even depression, would increase stress hormones and fetal brain activity. Consequently when it was born, the child had symptoms of depression, such as hyperactive or hypoactive, temperamental or do not have good self control. So immediately seek the help of a doctor or psychologist, if for more than 2 weeks you feel very depressed, or if – it will lose the spirit through pregnancy.

Trimesters 2: happy

Entering months – 4, feelings of anxiety and worry usually fade – fade. Now change the feeling very happy when you start to feel fetal movement.

On the other hand, the full attention of a couple from the beginning of pregnancy, will make the expectant mother feel more and more dependent on their husbands. Not surprisingly, when the little man ignoring his pregnant wife, comes a sense of worry in his wife’s self. Feelings of worry left the couple’s actually because the mother did not feel confident with her appearance or form at this time. In fact, many men who think she was even more beautiful, sexy and alluring when you’re pregnant. So there is no harm in this trimester you start wearing maternity dresses are beautiful and sexy.

Along with feeling happy with her pregnancy, the emotions and confidence stabilized. That’s why many pregnant women can enjoy sex again at this time.

Third trimesters: daydreaming

Usually the last 3 months is perceived as a month – month full of joy. The fetus in the womb is assumed you are strong enough and mature, so the worry over the possibility of miscarriage is vanishingly small.

But not a few women who still feeling uneasy. Expectant mothers often daydreaming and imagination, usually because of concerns about the future of his new role and his ability to be a good mother.

Not a few expectant mothers affected tired and bored with her pregnancy. Conflict often occurs ranges with the desire to be free from pregnancy, as well as feeling afraid to face the process of childbirth. No need to worry because you feel it almost every expectant mother experienced. In fact, not a few women who are undergoing pregnancy to 2 or to – 3, still haunted by the feeling like that. It just does not feel as great as the first mother.