Electric bikes-Choose the right kit

Like any new technology or product, there are many offers very cheap to very expensive. Undesirable well-developed and marketed by everybody and his brother-in-law If you want to take advantage of this new technology, how do you decide what to buy and from whom? Here are some tips that can help you.

• Electric bikes are limited by federal law to 750 watts and 20 miles per hour. There are many bikes and kits on the market, the power of advertising as high as 1000 watts. Watch out! There are two ways to power the first wave or “peak power” the engine is measured from the first attempt, and the continuous power that the engine is running. A large number of high-powered engines are advertising their performance, not their continuous power. As a consumer, it is very difficult to tell the difference, but you can always ask. A tipoff would be a relatively large engine as 500 watts, which operates at a lower battery voltage, eg 36 volts. A real motor of 500 watts (or more) continuous service typically use 48 volts or more.

• The battery supplied in your kit or cycling is an important component. The best battery you can buy a lithium battery LiFePO4. This battery is the best battery longer than you can buy. A battery of this type usually takes more than three times as many charge cycles as SLA (sealed lead acid) battery. It is about 50 to 60% lighter. This translates to greater distance and higher speed. It also means that you can easily disconnect the battery often the bike home from work or school instead of a way or a place in your bike taken to recharge. Finally, if you really try to just go green, is a lithium toxic heavy metal environmental founded less than batteries. LiFePO4 batteries cost more in advance, but are much less expensive to own their lifetime.

• Under no circumstances should you buy a kit or e bike abroad. You will certainly be cheap, but the service and parts are not there. You play the full price of the bike against your needs by buying services this way. Always from a reputable dealer is willing to offer a special hotline, you must purchase encounter a difficulty.

• kits announcing the installation “in an hour or less” is to be a little careful. Course, this can be done, but as with everything, there are always two ways to accomplish something. The fast and the right way. Proper installation requires a kit to ensure that all components are tight and correctly. remember, you do not trust your body to this thing, as you move along the 20 miles per time. Following the front wheel down, slide the throttle, the battery tray separation or stepper motor disruptions on the brake, not to mention a very unpleasant experience, do you destroy your bike or kit.

• Speaking of the engine stops. An appropriate kit or the bike will brake lever, power is interrupted to the motor when you press the brakes integrated. A good electric bike or e-bike kit has this feature on both brake levers. A very bad, very dangerous product is not there at all.

• Many kits have instructions and some marginal installation features. Some things to look for: with fastening material racks, battery racks or frames to avoid lock battery, electrical connectors unique to bad connections, pedals, lever sensors using metal and suitable cable ties.

• Never forget the immutable law of the universe! “There is no such thing as a free lunch” Translated, this means that you get what you pay for. A good kit with a battery cost $ 600 or more. If you pay less, you start sacrificing quality, durability and service.

A bike transport is pure and simple. As with any form of transportation that you want it to be safe, economical and reliable. There are many places in life where you try to scrimp and save. Transport is not one of them. If you leave the house, you should know that your trip and you will get there in one piece. I hope this article will help you cut through all the smoke and mirrors, hype and distortion and allows you to secure quality electric bike or e-bike kit, select the program to improve your life for years to come.