Effectiveness in the game Hitman: Absolution

After an absence of six years, now Agent 47 return to the field after completing a very important mission in “Hitman: Absolution”. But on the one hand, there is a striking difference in the gameplay. When you’ve had time to play this game or just to see some walkthrough videos on YouTube, the developer gives a freedom to Agent 47 to interact with objects around him.

The ability to interact with the environment around it, eventually giving Agent 47 many options to complete his mission and use different equipment or tools that he met to kill his enemies.

The following are the best ways to kill enemies Agent 47 in “Hitman: Absolution”, as quoted by zoomin.tv.

Use the ax

For those of you who have followed the Hitman series alike, will probably get bored with killing methods owned by Agent 47. However, you have the “freedom of expression” in Absolution. One way is to use a big ax.

To do this method of murder, Agent 47 can sneak behind enemies or hide behind walls. Following is a short distance to the opponent, then you can ask for the anti-hero character to throw the ax toward his opponent.

Looks a little creepy, but it proved to be very effective.

Choking fugu fish

In Japan, fugu fish is one of the food was quite challenging, both for the cook as well as for the audience. Because the Fugu fish is one fish that has poison in his body. If the cook is not so familiar with and do not know how to cook a fish fugu, the consequences would be fatal for the connoisseur cuisine.

Given the level of interaction is very high and the breadth of options to kill, the fugu fish can be one of the best options for Agent 47 to kill the target without having to spend any weapon.

Explosion accident

Agent 47 is a killer figure classy, ??but never doubted its effectiveness in completing the mission. When he was tired of killing the target of the operation, the man who always shaved her head would only see from a distance how the targets were killed in an “accident”.

Crash course here is not in the category of chance, because Agent 47 is the brains behind it all. By simply opening the gas knob and put an explosive device near the target, a character that appeared with his bald head is just press a button and watching his work from a distance.

Season with gasoline

Again, make everything look like an accident, is one of the special abilities of Agent 47. Without having to pull the weapon from the holster and soiling his own hands, the assassin just need to disguise and see the results of the action from close range.

In one mission, Agent 47 required to end the life of a kingpin from his kidnappers. Without the hassle of marsh, Agent 47 just need to swap the barbeque flavor with a bottle of gasoline. As a result, barbeque meat can be too hot to eat.

Lap-dance dangerous

You’ll want to be alert when you are enjoying a dance striptease or lap-dance in a special room, because it could be you are being observed by a most effective killer in the world, the Agent 47.

Agent 47 does not need to bother looking for a way to be able to kill one of the characters in the gangster network. He just needs to get into a strip-club, looking for the right vent, and enter into a special private room to enjoy the lap-dance. Agent 47 certainly do not want to enjoy a striptease dance, he just wanted to shoot the kingpin from behind two-way mirrors.