Due around the baby choked on milk Excess

Hiperlaktasi is a condition in which the production of milk is abundant. With water jetting reflex milk that can make milk radiate light with very heavy, so it often causes the baby to choke and then vomited.

But the mother did not have to worry, because some following tips can help you to prevent infant choking:

Before feeding the baby, milk a little milk.
This action will slow the flow of milk that comes out when feed in infants. You should not flush the milk in amounts that are too much, and do not do it in between the two feeds. Because the more milk your cows and the more you stimulate the breast, the more milk your body produces.

Try feeding more frequently in a variety of positions.
Generally suitable position to address this issue is the position hiperlaktasi mother and baby half sleep mother’s breast. In this position, the flow of milk leads to the top, so that the discharge of milk is not too heavy.
To reduce milk production, you can do so by leaving milk in the breast. so the baby is not too long to feed. Along with the reduced amount of milk coming out of breast feeding at one time, your body will reduce its milk production.

Reduced milk production will need time. We encourage you to be patient and do not be too easily discouraged. You should also do not think the baby will reject you forever. He just has not been able to cope with the strong flow of milk today, and will continue to work to resolve it together with you. In the meantime, to avoid dirty clothes as your breast milk, breast pads and use a patterned tops. There is nothing wrong if you are donating your excess breast milk to the hospital. Excess milk can be very beneficial for many other babies.

If there is no one way has managed to you, immediately see a doctor or a lactation consultant. Hiperlaktasi may make it difficult to suckle the baby, but it will not harm it. In addition, the good news is your body producing food in abundance, so that the baby can grow and develop optimally.