Dogs Battle Through Aircraft in Daredogs

Are you a big fan of game-themed battle in the air? If you want to feel different sensations in game play fighter, you can try out the latest games made from Bugbyte Productions, Daredogs.

In this game, you will play as Bravo, a dog fighting using warplanes to fight other dogs. This game’s story revolves around the adventures of Bravo who wants revenge on Rocco, a dog that had killed her father Bravo in a battle in the air. Since that competition occurs between Bravo and Rocco to outdo each other and become the strongest war pilot.

This game is very easy to play, because when you first play it, you will be given a tutorial on how to play, such as how to maneuver using the shuttle. This Controller use virtual controls can be mastered easily.

Can be found on the left of the device, joystick can be moved in different directions according to the direction of the plane to go. To the right of the device, there are two buttons. The first button is the button to fire the weapon. And the second is a special key possessed by each character in this game.

Later Bravo will use special weapons. Is none other than the form of the bones that can distract the enemy. Once you’ve mastered how to drive a plane, and how to use a gun, you’re ready to start a Career Mode from Bravo.

There are four game modes you can play in this game. The first is Dog Race Mode. In this mode, all you have to do is win the race to be the fastest way to get finish line . But of course set some traps and obstacles that will prevent you from winning the race.

Further is Dog Fight Mode. Dog Fight is a battle one-on-one relationship between the characters of your choice and also a dog enemies. The objective of this game mode is to destroy enemy aircraft by firing a gun mounted on an airplane or using special weapons that belong to each character.

Capture The Bone isĀ  third game mode, where you play one on one against an enemy to fight bone. The bones will be available somewhere and you have to quickly pick it up and put it in your headquarters before the enemy has done this. Anyone who collects five bones first, it was he who won.

And the last mode of the game is Pirate Dare dogs Heist. Here, you and the enemy will compete to steal stuff that was on a plane owned by pirates. Be careful because pirates can attack, and even destroy your airplane.

Not only that, the sound effect shown sounded cool and it sounded like a dogfight scenes that exist in Hollywood movies. In terms of control, it is very easy to use and will be easy to master.

Each maneuver will be to do each character was walking with very smooth and realistic. Creator of the game Daredogs even more complete with our wide range of weapons to be fired and also an abundance of character options. And each character has a different type of aircraft different special weapon. For those of you who are interested to play, can directly download it in the Android Store.