Create Account owner Effects Imagery

Social media has become part of everyday life. Almost everyone has an account on the social media. Various account name and fro, from which it is or completely different from the owner . Will this affect the formation of ourselves?

Have a facebook or twitter account? Definitely on of hands, if only after I added the sentence asked, “Who has hands”. I’ve also heard of a friend that I do not know (well, what is the name of this friend?) Said, “Whats your twitter?” Keep your friends who asked replied, “nope got”. Go direct tone, “The Age of this, nope have twitter?”. If only people were bad to me, I said, “Twitter’s Jack Dorsey hers” haha.

Yes, almost everyone got twitter or facebook account. Although many kinds of social media such as Instagram or youtube. But lately both the first social media first mentioned earlier so familiar in our introductory communication daily. Twitter or facebook is like a business card only.

Talking about the account name, twitter is the most varied kinds. If I observe, there are at least three types of account names.

The first is an open account. It is a term that I give for writing the name of the account owner is. If write is not like the original, the owner of the account made just shortened it.

Second is the account entity. Named entities account because this account is as well. The owner used it as a tool outside of himself. An example of the second type of account is the account of the institution, organization or company.

Third is the imaging account. The third type of account is that often we discussed, because it is unique. Examples of imaging account is … ah, nope comfortable if called names. Hey directly admit that life accounts imaging .. hehe.

Which will we talked about this time is the account of imagery. Account has the character of each. This we can see from the name and the content of his tweet. While on the other hand, I have also had a personality. Both marriage that gave birth to imaging.

Imagery is the way we conduct defense. In psychology called defense mechanism. Each of us use self-defense mechanism. One of its functions is that we use when we want to convey intent, but we want to be safe from the effects thereof.

Social media is a double-edged, one side can be a mask, on the other hand actually the safest place to be honest. Often we find an account that did not write the name of the owner, under a pseudonym. As such, he is freer to say a lot of things he wanted. Well, on the other hand, this will help the account had to be honest. Accounts have unique imagery, the paradox between the mask and appeared to put the truth.

What is the effect if we use imaging account? Are we going to be someone else? Are we going to split personality?

Indeed, there are two trendsĀ  would happen, to be someone else or even strengthen its owner. Again paradoxically accounts imaging going on here.

How can we use other characters, but we continue to be ourselves? Very able, since creating an account with any of the content that we design, that means putting the self on the outside of us. It could be that we make it self is our true self, which has been constrained due to various reasons, such as norms or concerned with a person. Instead, we make the accounts we do not really.

Both models account such imagery (self real but masked or not yourself at all), we are making two personalities. Events that may be, we can get carried away on one of them, split into two, or stay safely live with both.

The first effect, people get carried away in one account. It can be seen from the life and death of the account. Quite often decreases on its own account activity. After a long time the account is dead, because it is not in accordance with the owner, or the owner could not adjust to his account.

The second effect is a split personality. This can happen when self and accounts as strong and occur alternately. Quite often it makes the account owner confused puts himself in two different situations. For example, he had a hard figure account, when she gently in everyday life. Well, what if suddenly the owner of the account together with friends virtual world. Clearly different between the person and his or her account.

If the split brings confusion, it actually still reasonable. Arguably still healthy for account owners. What if he was not confused, but often have a personality shift of control consciousness. Moreover, if a transfer occurs at any time and place.

The third effect, the account owner kept his personality, while his account has character own. Both are like two different people. If you interact with the person, the personality of the person who plays. But if we are to interact through social media, then the character who played his account. So the account and owner are two different creatures. The owner that controls consciousness.