Condoms For Women

During the condom is synonymous with men. In Indonesia, the socialization and female condoms are not as good as the male condom. Natural that not everyone knows the female condom. Female condom users are also very limited in number, because the women who know a special condom that does not necessarily want to use it. There are several underlying reasons, especially because it is not accustomed to strange reason.

Specifically female condom is different from the male condom. In addition to its different forms, the female condom is also made not the same as the male condom. Male condom made of latex, while female condoms made from polyurethane. Never use both types of condoms at the same time, because the male condom will come off easily. The different materials that make male condoms will be “stuck” when used together.

In general, these condoms have a pretty high effectiveness. The percentage of condom effectiveness rate reaches 95 percent. Indeed, there is still the possibility of failure, but the percentage is very small. Especially for the case in America, according to a survey of failure often occurs as a result of installing condom.

Indeed, the female condom is not as simple as the male condom in terms of its use. It is also a factor that has also become the cause of women are reluctant to use condoms sometimes this kind. Unlike the male condom that once exercise could definitely use, especially condom these women need to exercise a few times to be installed correctly.

Installation factor into the vagina to make female condoms installation is more complicated than male condoms are installed outside and immediately apparent. This is the reason why women should practice first to make sure the condom is properly installed.

Although the exercise you need not be discouraged. When reading the instructions properly contained in the wrapper, surely you can set it up properly. Moreover, installation instructions not only in writing, but also images that definitely helps the user when installing the condom.

Way of installation itself is not difficult. When going to install, users should squat position or standing with one leg on a chair lift. This facilitates the condom into the vagina. After that just insert the condom into the vagina. Do it carefully and do not rush to be really precise installation.

After the condom attached, you are ready to have sex as usual. In addition to effectively prevent pregnancy, condoms can also prevent infectious diseases such as male condoms. Want to try?