Choosing Smart Kids Diaper

Choosing the type of diaper feels like to be one of the hardest tasks for a mother. Some of the dilemma between the functions that make it practical, the price is quite expensive and also more modern technology to capture a more stylish or models. To be sure someone different priorities in choosing diapers for their children.


In terms of price, if the focus is saving the mother, the kind of traditional cloth diapers might be the first choice compared to diapers. Quality cloth diapers will be dropped after wash-wear for 5 times. This can cause irritation in children.

Diaper Rash

Diaper rash occurs due to incorrect use of diapers causing irritation induced by urine and feces of infants. The rash is usually mild redness with blisters and itching in the area around the buttocks are convex, in the area of ??skin that sticks to the diaper, and the skin fold areas.

The rash can be prevented in the use of cloth diapers because parents can immediately find out if the baby is getting wet diaper. While disposable diapers are fitted with the latest indicator to determine the level of wetness.

Environmental issues

Earth sustainability is the responsibility of all human beings. Cloth diapers, needing washing process, the use of detergents, waste water, waste, electricity, etc.. While some types of micro fiber which use traditional clodi sulitterurai the soil as base material coating. While disposable diapers should be changed at least 8 times a day, or almost 3000 diapers per year for each baby. Used diapers that contain a lot of chemicals that will be piled with the natural recycling time 200-500 years.

Potty training

Accelerate the use of cloth diapers potty training, the logic is that children can immediately feel the discomfort immediately after urination or bowel movements when she wore cloth diapers. Not so with the use of the disposable diapers, because the child will always feel dry to limit the ability of these diapers. With felt wet, it will automatically take children to the toilet by themselves.


The main reason for the use of disposable diapers is practicality. Especially at the time when the child is traveling or sleeping at night.