Breast milk is the main food in the first and the beginning of a baby’s life. Easily understood that by nature, milk is the food most easily digested by babies. Breast milk is rich in nutrients and has a well-balanced nutritional composition according to the needs of the baby.

There are more than 100 kinds of nutrients that exist in milk, such as lactose, omega 3, omega 6, AA, DHA, Sphyngomyelin, even a natural prebiotic. AA and DHA are well known as a component that supports the development of children’s intelligence. The amount and composition of milk started to follow the baby’s needs. Breast milk is always available in the right temperature for baby. In addition, the price is certainly cheaper than formula.

Why do babies get the recommended exclusive breastfeeding for six months?

In terms of intelligence, it is known that breast-fed babies generally have a higher level of intelligence.

In terms of health, children who are breastfed have endurance stronger (because of the presence of antibodies in the breast milk) so that the risk of various diseases, such as acute respiratory illness and gastrointestinal tract, lower.

Breastfeeding is also associated with a reduced risk of some chronic diseases and even the risk of allergies.

Exclusive breastfeeding can reduce the risk of infant death.

In terms of psychological, established a closer relationship between mothers and infants so as to provide a positive emotional effect (emotional bonding). Children feel at ease, safe and loved. The bond will become more closely.

One of the factors that led to substandard milk it is a feeling of worry from his mother that breast milk does not come out or not enough. Feelings and positive thoughts will support spending good milk, otherwise the negative thoughts and feelings such as fear, anxiety, confusion and sadness may decrease milk production. Another factor is the pain while breastfeeding because unaccustomed mothers in breastfeeding or because of the lack of proper breastfeeding techniques. In addition, full breast will stimulate the formation of a substance that can stop the formation of milk. No less important factor in the success of breastfeeding is breastfeeding as early as possible. If the baby has been given a pacifier, sucking the failure of the nipple may occur. This is due to pacifier sucking milk through a very different (and relatively easy) when compared with breast milk sucking.

How to keep your milk and more smoothly? Whatever influence it? Mother would have to maintain in order to keep good health. Adequate rest and good nutrition is a factor in maintaining and improving maternal health. If psychological factors cause reduced milk production, the husband may contribute to psychological support for the mind and feelings of the mother to be calm, happy and self-confidence has increased. It is expected to provide positive stimulation in breast milk expenditures. Give sucking breast milk in the first hour. Do not worry with the assumption that in the first hour, the milk has not come out. Clear liquid that comes out is liquid colostrum, which is very beneficial for the baby. Suction at first thought to milk may stimulate further expenditure.

What kind of food should be consumed by breastfeeding mothers? The food certainly will affect the quality of breast milk. When the mother eating a healthy and balanced diet, we can expect that the milk produced was certainly more qualified.