Brandnew Game Boy Offer Exciting Adventure

For you lovers of the game, of knowing when to use Unreal Engine game has 3D graphics mostly above average. And now for your iOS users who are curious to experience the game that uses the Unreal Engine, can try the latest games made from Oozoo Inc., is titled Brandnew Boy game.

In themed action-RPG game, you will play as a young boy, who lost his memory. Guided by a television that can talk, you finally know that you are actually named “Rookie”. In the confusion due to loss of memory, Rookie to wander against an enemy that was according to the television guide will help restore his memory.

In the Boy’s brandnew, Rookie will face multiple enemies at once. And the most common enemies you face here is the soldier eggs. When fighting, control offered quite unique and easily. You just do the tap on the enemy, the Rookie will automatically attack the enemy. Even if you do not do the proper tap on the enemy, Rookie still will attack the nearest enemy in the area in which you tap earlier.

If you want to do a combo, you just simply continue to tap, the Rookie will be automatically attack enemy targets. Here you can tap anywhere, so there’s no screen on the controller’s brandnew Boy. However, to produce the maximum damage, you have to do is tapping at the right time, ie when the gauge is in the middle of the screen in yellow.

The enemies in the game are also quite varied, in addition to the eggs that have been mentioned earlier, there are some samurai warrior who will try to kill you. To defeat the enemies are varied, you also need a strategy that varied too.

For example, for the enemy has a shield, you have to double tap to destroy it before it can attack the shield as usual. Then there is also the enemy likes to attack from a distance while throwing boom. In here you can not fend off enemy attacks. But do not worry cause you able to swipe to make Rookie jump to avoid enemy attacks.

Each completed a level, you will receive the items and also credit that can be used to purchase items. As RPG games in general, you will also gain EXP which helps to raise the Rookie level.

You can also buy a new costume and weapons for the Rookie, also can buy upgrades for our attacks.

Rookie movements while fighting looks fine, and the effects of the attack also looks beautiful, much like the Boarderlands on PC. Environment in the game is also very good, plus the lightning system that fits.

By combining elements of fun and exciting fighting, making this game very interesting to play. For those of you who are interested, can directly download the game for $ 3.99 on iTunes.