Bike With BMX Boy

Are you one of the extreme sports enthusiasts and action show like somersaults bicycle ? If true, then you should try one theme BMX game that can be played on Android devices. This game is titled BMX Boy.

Developed by Runner Games, BMX Boy a story about a boy who wants proficient in riding his BMX bike. Not just driving, he also wanted to be able to make movements that attractive when he jumps with his bike. Your task is to help the boy to ride a bike while passing through many obstacles to get to the destination.

The most fundamental thing to play a game is a matter of control. Use the controls in the game BMX Boy is not at all difficult. Later you will be given two virtual control buttons, one on the bottom left of your screen, and another is located on the right under screen.

The buttons have the function of each. To the left function key to riding a bicycle. The faster you press the button, the faster the bike goes. Meanwhile, on the right button allows you to jump. If you make the leap when the bike goes faster, you will be doing bike tricks like backflip, superman, 360 bunnyhop, tail whip, and much more. By doing these tricks, you will get extra value.

To pass a level, you have to do is drive safely to the destination. But the trip will not be as easy as imagined. You have to pass through rise and fall, as well as the obstacles that you have to pass by way of jump.

In the early levels, you will only face immovable obstacles such as rocks, plants, and boxes used. But the further you play this game, there will be a water buffalo and birds that you are approaching quickly and you should avoid it.

At each level also features blue stars you have collected. Not just stars, but there is also a trophy. There are five trophies to be collected in each level. This will allow you to achieve a high score at the end of the level.

Each level consists of some check point. So if you fall in the middle of the road, you will not repeat the level from the beginning, but can return to the closest check point has passed. But you only have five times the chance to fail. If it has been five unsuccessful attempts, you have to repeat the level from the beginning.

There 3stagedalam this game, the Wilderness, Wheat Field, and Ice Sheet. Each stage has 30 levels. So there are a total of 90 levels that you can play. Presented a variety of excitement makes this game very interesting to play. If you are interested, can directly download it for free in the Android Store.