Benefits of Grass Puzzle For Health

Health Benefits of Grass Puzzle for very much. Do not know yet? Ever seen a cat eating grass puzzle before mating? Why do you think? We need a little peek Puzzle For Health Benefits of Grass. Chemical constituents of nut-grass tubers alleged efficacy effects include compounds Siperon, Aselinen, Siperen, Siperotundon, Patkhulenon, Sugeonol, Kobuson, and Isokobuson.

Health Benefits of Grass Puzzle for very much. Try us on the concept of traditional Chinese medicine, bulbs has such cool puzzles. Empirically bulbs puzzles have used the people of China and India as a laxative menstruation.

A study in China showed that the use of puzzles as much as 6-9 g root, either alone or in combination with other plants to cope with menstrual irregularity and relieve symptoms arising during menstrual syndrome, such as pain, dizziness and nausea. This suggests that the benefits of Grass Puzzle For Health is very important. let us look again at the following:

In Ayurvedic medicine in India. In addition to overcome dysmenorrhea (menstrual irregularities), puzzles are also widely used to cope with fever and gastrointestinal disorders.

In traditional Indonesian herb, used in the form of puzzles that mix, with boiled tubers puzzle along with ginger rhizome. Water decoction is drunk to cope with menstrual pain. Bulbs are also used to treat stomach cramps and facilitating urine (diuretic).

Stew bulb puzzle is excellent for detoxifying / antidotum various toxic materials. Fresh tubers destroyed so shaped pasta often used as sleep on your breasts who are breastfeeding. Because empirically proven effective spending facilitate milk.

Bulbs are also sometimes used to improve memory.

In addition to overcome the symptoms of pre-menstrual syndrome, particularly the use of bulbs puzzles to overcome indigestion. Reduce bloating and gas in the stomach and intestines.

Bulbs puzzle is anti-vomiting drug substance because it can suppress nausea, and helpful to reduce the symptoms of morning sickness during pregnancy, although the safety of the fetus is not known.

In modern alternative medicine, the use of bulbs aimed to solve puzzles vomiting, fever and inflammation, relieve pain and reduce muscle tension.

Bulbs puzzle also has properties as antihelmintik (de-worming), anti-bacterial, astringensia. The effect of relaxing is very helpful for depression. Puzzles can also help treat a variety of cancers of the cervix.

Although it tastes bitter, but the bulb puzzle has a high nutrient content, mineral resources and traceelement (appendages) are important so that people often use as a food ingredient.

See, but we are not taught to imitate a cat or a goat you know, we just try to outline some of the benefits of grasses puzzle that we often trampling. Apparently Health Benefits of Grass Puzzle For very many, of us rely supplement chemical drugs in the long run can damage your kidneys, mending we try switching to traditional medicines heritage