Be Careful Who is Making Your Makeup and Skincare Products

Makeup can be expensive. I used to buy all of mine at a local department store. They had nice discounts on it. Then I started looking at where it was made. So much stuff is made in China. I have a relative who lives there, and he talks about how the product safety is not what you would expect in America. He said it even goes for the food items sold in the grocery store. I decided to start getting my makeup through Waterlilies and Company. They source their products from ethical manufacturers who are all based in Canada. The manufacturers of the makeup lines they use all participate in using natural ingredients and they avoid risky chemicals.

Waterlilies and Company are a boutique provider that ships internationally. They offer top-quality makeup and skincare products. Not only are the products better for my daily use, they are better for the planet too. There is a nice list of chemical ingredients that the company does not allow to be in the products they sell. I feel a lot more confident getting my foundation, lipstick, bronzer, lotions and other products from them than I do getting them from the discount department store. If you think about how we put stuff on our skin pretty much every single day, you can imagine my concern over using makeup and skincare products over a lifetime.

We have seen Chinese products in the news. Remember the melamine that was being put in dog food that was killing people’s pets? That was awful. I would rather use products made right in Canada that are produced by companies that want to be eco-friendly and free of harsh chemicals. I like packaging to be as natural as possible too. We have to do something about the millions of tons of trash we are sending to landfills every year.