Baby Bathing Tips

Pour cold water into the tub, then add enough hot water to reach temperatures of 40 degrees Celsius for up to 2 months old baby, and then gradually lower the temperature to 27 degrees Celsius for babies over 2 months.
Fill the tub with water as high as approximately 7.5 cm from the bottom of the tub.
For newborns, first clean the eyes with cotton that has been soaked in lukewarm water. Clean the baby’s eyes from the eye to the tip of the nose, use a different cotton for each eye.
Clean up all the little nostrils slowly with cotton buds which have been first dipped in clean water.
Replace the cotton in each nostril. Be careful, do not put cotton buds too deep.
Then wash also leaves your child’s ear with cotton buds that have given baby oil. Do not insert cotton buds into the ear hole, clean the outer ear only.
Before cleaning the body, gradually open the baby clothes. At first open shirt top, then baby diapers or pants.
Clean the baby’s genitals and buttocks with round cotton that has been soaked in water. Clean any pleats.
Then start soaping her hair and baby’s entire body, especially the folds of the legs, thighs, arms and neck by using baby soap.
Measure the temperature of the water back into the tub. Then slide your left hand down the neck of the child, and hold on tight armpit. child nape with Mrs. wrist, and held her with his right mother.
Pick up your baby and put in the tub. While your left hand supporting the head and holding his arm, his body partially submerged in water. Use the right hand soap in the mother to clean the ears, neck, and whole body. Allow your child to play in the water for about 2-5 minutes. If your child is old enough, give toys calluses or duck-boat that event more enjoyable shower.
To clean the back of his body, turn the body of the child, then corrected his body with your left hand and hold on tight armpit. Then with the right hand, wipe his back.
After the show finished bathing, take the child’s body from the water, then wrap her in a towel.
While chatting ask, baby body dry with a towel pressing emphasized to her baby.
After her dry, sprinkle baby powder on the chest, abdomen and back, so that his body fragrant and fresh. Pay attention to every crease and curve especially in the area . Rub a small crease on the pubic with baby oil.
Lastly, put the diapers and baby clothes, and then comb your hair with a special comb for baby hair. When the weather permits, call your child walks or bask in the sun in the morning.