Tips Overcome Pain At Childbirth

To cope with pain during labor, try to apply the following tips:

During contraction, try to take a position like crawling on top .
The position this reduces head pressure baby’s against bone your back. In this the position of crawl this,  hands and backs. When contractions finished, put down plenty of pillows-pillow to prop your head.
When contractions began to again, get rid of pillow-pillow such in order you can return in a position crawl anymore.
Ask your partner to massage your lower back, or compress your back with warm water in between times of contraction. Use talc or petroleum jelly as a lubricant while massaging.
Move continued to in between each contraction. It will helps you to overcome the pain during childbirth. When contractions, choose positions of the most comfortable.
Maintain a position of backs who upright, good while standing, sitting, nor other positions. Point for the baby’s head remains in the cervix well, so the contractions were happening more and more powerful and effective.
Concentrate on respiratory your, for the soothe and reduce pain. Continue reading “Tips Overcome Pain At Childbirth”

Choosing Smart Kids Diaper

Choosing the type of diaper feels like to be one of the hardest tasks for a mother. Some of the dilemma between the functions that make it practical, the price is quite expensive and also more modern technology to capture a more stylish or models. To be sure someone different priorities in choosing diapers for their children.


In terms of price, if the focus is saving the mother, the kind of traditional cloth diapers might be the first choice compared to diapers. Quality cloth diapers will be dropped after wash-wear for 5 times. This can cause irritation in children.

Diaper Rash

Diaper rash occurs due to incorrect use of diapers causing irritation induced by urine and feces of infants. The rash is usually mild redness with blisters and itching in the area around the buttocks are convex, in the area of ??skin that sticks to the diaper, and the skin fold areas. Continue reading “Choosing Smart Kids Diaper”

Fetal Health, Stamina Expectant Mother Prima? Eat Honey

HONEY is known as one of the natural material with a million benefits. Anyone can get a good benefit for the health of honey. Starting from the baby to older children can enjoy the sweetness of honey.

Honey is known to be very good for pregnant women. Many researchers said that honey is good for strengthening the weak fetus in mother’s womb. In addition, honey can also build stamina pregnant woman and the baby’s health during pregnancy, as reported by Magforwoman.
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Looking forward to The Role of Husband When Baby

One of the causes of high maternal mortality in Indonesia is the lack of role of the family, especially the husband, in the process during pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum. In fact, where my husband was very instrumental to help soothe physical and psychological condition of the wife.

The role of the husband is required during the pregnancy. A husband should accompany her to check her pregnancy, so the husband can also find and follow the step by step development of the baby. In addition, the husband can better understand the emotional state of his wife.

The condition is a time before delivery – the most stressful and tiring for a pregnant woman. In such situations, the presence of a husband in his wife’s hand so help feeling the wife becomes more controlled. Continue reading “Looking forward to The Role of Husband When Baby”

Beware of Cow Milk Allergy in Children

Allergy to cow’s milk is increasingly experienced by children under the age of 3 years, especially under the age of 12 months. This is because there are immunological reactions in the body of the baby. Immunoglobulin (IgE) response to cow’s milk protein and vote as a foreign object in the body of the baby. As a result, the protein was not digested properly, and even cause symptoms such as allergic reactions. Allergies occur when the immune system will recognize that the baby is the protein in cow’s milk as a hazardous substance. Approximately 2-3 percent of infants aged 0-3 years have allergies to cow’s milk, this is because the baby has an immune system that is still immature and vulnerable.

Many studies have shown that the main factor is allergic infants because they do not get Kolustrum Mother’s Milk (ASI), so to avoid this allergen that is exclusive breastfeeding until age 6 months.

We as parents have to pay attention to the health histories of our bodies. If the mother has a history of allergies, then the baby has a 50% chance of allergies, if only the father who brought genetics allergies, chances are 20% the same allergy. But if both of them. So the baby is 70% likely to bring these genetics. Continue reading “Beware of Cow Milk Allergy in Children”

Children poisoned Florida

Fluoride have a positive effect on dental health. With the presence of fluoride, remineralization of the tooth surface more making teeth stronger. Fluoride can be fluoride (swallowed) or topical fluoride (exposed directly to the tooth).

Naturally contained fluoride water and some foodstuffs, such as fish and tea. Temporal mineral water that many in the market do not include the content of fluoride in it. While the products commonly used in everyday life that sometimes contains fluoride which is not so publicized as toothpaste or chewing teeth whitening.

In the children’s bodies, greater uptake of fluoride than adults, it is not only not useful even quite dangerous. Overdose by ingestion of excess fluoride directly or swallow can be fatal. Fluoride tablets and toothpaste such as pharmaceuticals and toothpaste are some that can be kept out of reach of children. Fluoride is highly reactive and capable of penetrating deep into the bone and substance of the cell where it accumulates. It is an advanced tooth surfaces harder, but the tooth itself becomes more brittle. Also fluoride reduces human intelligence, especially in children early on fluorine poisoning. Their lower IQ levels than children who are not exposed to fluoride in all age groups listed. Continue reading “Children poisoned Florida”

The importance of play for child stimulation

Play is an activity undertaken for someone to have fun, Regardless of the final result. Especially the case in children, while there are those parents who think children are too Often played, will cause the child to learn the lazy and stupid. This opinion is less wise Because some experts say that the play is useful for childhood development.

Today’s parents seem to force their children to always read the book, while not paying attention to her child the ability to absorb the lessons of the book. This is certainly not benefit anyone. While the eagle dis time, the child is playing with all the imagination, for example the Block and play house, roomates is implicitly build their applications crucial life skills and prepare their brains for future challenges it will face Continue reading “The importance of play for child stimulation”

Danger Road Hawker

Street hawker snacks seems to have become a trend since the first child. Although it has been given a lunch from home, the Little sometimes get carried away and buy a street hawker from friends. For one thing it’s good to give parents extra attention these unhealthy snack culture.
There is no provision especially will be the main reason for children to go hungry at school. Parental lifestyle habits will affect the Small. Example: Parents who do not prepare himself for the rush rush rush in the morning. Parents need to be more wise and prudent in managing the child’s diet snacks outside the home so that can be ruled out. If you want to snack, choose snacks that at least worth the price, there is no guarantee hygiene, and even better to prepare at home.

Dangers street hawker contents include:

Raw water, a handful of fresh drinks like dawet, cendol, syrups, etc. do not all use boiled water for his wares. This is because of high fuel prices are not close to the sales price. And this is very dangerous, minimal diarrhea can attack the Small. Continue reading “Danger Road Hawker”

Develop a Little Creativity

Basically, all children are creative, and always want to know new things, it’s just that distinguishes it is the limitations of the environment and a sense of enthusiasm for the little one to vary. As a parent, its obligation is explored talent and interest from an early age the little one. It is not difficult because of their own abilities that will stand out and be seen clearly, parents just need to facilitate and develop it as the original.

Not demanding wishes

The figure is not a good parent who demands everything at will. Example: the little one wants to be an expert musical talents while the little one would prefer to draw a lead to a fine art. This is not going to work because of the mismatch of interest. As a parent, must be able to accept the advantages and disadvantages of the Small. Always be sugest that he was capable of.
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Because consumption Honey Allergy Effects in Infants Under 1 year

Honey has many benefits. Since centuries ago, many people rely on the strength of pure honey for the treatment and beauty treatments. However, behind his usefulness, pure honey holds the potential bad for the body. As quoted from page Live Strong, pure honey has the potential to trigger an allergic reaction or food poisoning, such as abdominal cramps, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and fever.

Pure honey does not go through pasteurization stage so that spores and pollen potential to grow in it. As we know, honey is a sweet substance produced by bees thick, one kind of insect-eating flower nectar and pollen.

Chris Wagner of Dallas childrenâ € ™ s Medical Center, recounted his experience treating patients with pure honey poisoning. Worst Allergy potentially arise is shortness of breath, low blood pressure, dizziness, fainting, to heart failure. “Because you can not control how much pollen in pure honey you eat,” he said.

Children under one year of age is also not recommended to consume honey, especially raw honey, because the effects can be more serious allergies. Continue reading “Because consumption Honey Allergy Effects in Infants Under 1 year”