Angry Droids, Android-Apple rivalry centile

Not constantly we hear the rivalry between the two giants of the world of gadgets, Apple and Samsung. Not just simply compete in the manufacture of the latest gadgets, this rivalry even extends to the realm of application development.

Various applications and game developers to create applications that satirize or even drop one OS is openly, and one of them is a game called Angry Droid.

Angry Droid is made developer outcome Launchpad 7. This game tells the story of a green robot that wants to protect the planet from the invasion of monsters Apple. Apple on this game has a design similar to the logo used apple iOS products. Your task in this game is to kill the Apple and regain serenity and peace Droid Planet.

When I first started this game, you will control your hero is the green robot. In front of the droid the flock Apple will strike the planet in very much.

Your task is to destroy hordes of Apple jumped and stepped manner. But you do not have to destroy every passing Apple, because at every level of the game Angry Droid has a goal each. At the top of your screen, there is a droid logo, your objective, and also total your score when playing.

Droid logo on the left serves to showcase your life. If you fail a mission, then life will be reduced. If you run out of lives, the game ends and the total score will be accumulated. Most missions in this game need speed to get past, so this icon is very important to note.

Reporting from paseban, there are many kinds of stages to go through in this game, ranging from the most simple, until of course frustrating. At first you are required to kill 40 Apple within a certain period, but the riding level, it will become more difficult.

For example, you are assigned to combat Apple is red just in 30 seconds, up against Apple’s very large. In the early stage you will also be given a platform. This platform is a foundation to be able to eradicate Apple is far above you.

But in the mid-to late stage, you will not be given a platform at all. And the only way to eradicate that Apple is on top of you is to take advantage of Apple reflection effect under.

Although the graphics are beyond repair, but the gameplay of the game Angry Droid is very exciting. Although packed with simple, this game brings curiosity and craving to try it again and again. Moreover, coupled with sound effects such as popping a balloon each time you eradicate Apple makes this game seem cute.

Disadvantages of this game may be located in the virtual controller. The layout of the controller is too over the top of your screen so sometimes display images and layout of the Apple can be blocked by your thumb. If you want to try to play it, the game Angry Droid measuring 9.3 MB and can be downloaded for free in the Android Store. Good luck!