Am I Pregnant?

In pregnancy will be found some of the symptoms and signs of pregnancy. If you are in doubt whether pregnant or not, should consider the symptoms or signs of pregnancy following.
Some of the early symptoms of pregnancy:

Not getting your period / menstrual
This occurs because the wall of the uterus is prepared for pregnancy. It is important to know the first day of the last menstrual period, which can determine the approximate age of pregnancy and childbirth. But do not get your period, but as a sign of early pregnancy, it can also be caused by other things.

Nausea and vomiting
Occurs because of hormonal changes. Known as “morning sickness” because of nausea and vomiting often occur in the morning in the first months of pregnancy.

Frequent urination
Occurs because bladder pressure by the enlarged uterus. Complaints will usually be reduced in pregnancy after 12 weeks and comes back after 28 weeks of pregnancy.

Wanting certain foods, occurs in the first few months.

Other signs, such as breast enlargement, nipple bigger, darker and sometimes itchy or painful.

Every woman has a variety of symptoms during pregnancy are ongoing, there is mild or severe, but some do not have any complaints. If these symptoms are not there for you, then you can confirm with another test, because every pregnant woman have a complaint and different symptoms.

To ensure your pregnancy, you can do a urine test. Tools for urine test can be found in pharmacies and you can do this test yourself at home. Examination of the urine test is to measure the levels of HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) is a hormone produced by the placenta and increases in urine and blood during the first week after conception. The most accurate test is done in the morning because this hormone increases the amount in the morning. If still in doubt, see your doctor immediately. Doctors will be able to ensure your pregnancy with ultrasound (ultrasonography).