Aircraft Simulation Game Best Android

Aircraft Simulation Game Best AndroidNot only pilots have important role at the airport, but also an ATC. ATC Air Traffic Controller or an air traffic controller whose primary task to prevent the plane too close to each other and avoid collisions (making separation).

For those of you who want to try to become an ATC, can try some of the following Android games.

Air Control Lite

The first game that you can play is the Air Traffic Controller. Your role here is to ensure the state of the airport and its surroundings safe, making it easier for a flight or landing aircraft.

This game also has a few unique elements of puzzle games for the airport trajectory shape is diverse forms so your job to steer the aircraft properly and avoid collisions will be more difficult.

Air Traffic Control Lite

Similar to the Air Control Lite, your role in Air Traffic Control Lite is to direct aircraft to land directly on the track smoothly and without collision. Tutorial games are also available in the new game for game installs Air Traffic Control Lite on your mobile phone.

Airport City

If the two previous games only limited control of the aircraft to land safely at the airport track then you can try to play the game Airport City from developer Game Insight International.

Here you can build your own hangar and flight trajectory and sends plane to far end of the map in Airport City. Not just limited to building a modern airport, but also you have to build a city around the airport.

Air Control Runaway

Air Control Runaway invites you to play based on the story that is already available. Your task is to help the plane that is almost out of fuel to land safely and then evacuating passengers to the aircraft can perform maintenance and refueling. If the repair is in order then you must set the passengers back to the plane and guide the aircraft to takeoff.

Flight Control Demo

The last game was no less good than the previous games. In Flight Control Demo, your task is to guide the aircraft both commercial airplanes, jets, and helicopters in order to properly and safely landed on the ground flying.

For the runway itself is more like a rail that can be drop-plug so it will be more difficult to regulate these planes if you do not have a good strategy. In the game Flight Control Demo is available five types of runways and 10 types of aircraft.

What is unique in this game is a feature snowy winter wonderland where you will set the landing of the plane in the middle of winter while predicting the direction of the wind and the coming snow.

Fifth game above you can get for free in the Android Store.

Good luck!