Agent Dash, Video Game Exercising Your Finger

Temple Run success as a game-themed endless runner is now being followed by the developers who are starting to make similar games. The game is fairly interesting to play Agent Dash.

In this game, you will become a detective who uses tuxedo and will run while avoiding various obstacles while collecting crystals that you can find along the way. You collect the crystals that you can later use to upgrade various tools like jetpacks that you can use in carrying out any mission.

There is also a menu available to purchase a variety of costumes that will be used by the Dash or buy other characters are available including a female agent and other similar characters as criminals. In each run, you can take as many crystals. Crystals can be very useful, because it was needed to upgrade the number of crystals that much.

You also do not need to worry because the controls in this game are very simple, you just need to move your finger on the screen. If you will turn to the right, slide your finger to the right, as well as if it will turn to the left, just slide your finger to the left. Move your finger up, the Dash will jump, and if it is moved down, the Dash will slide down with style.

With these controls, you can choose which path you will take. If you are going through trials or take a crystal, you should direct your finger to the right direction as quickly as you can.

There is an important point in the game where you will use the weapon to destroy enemy headquarters. You simply do it by touching the screen, and then this game will do afterwards.

In each level of this game had been developed. Agent Dash will start from the woods, and after a run far enough you will see a new city. It is a good thing if you can go straight to the next level, so as not to pass through the woods in a long time to be a little tiring.

Game made by developer Full Fat is provided free for those who need a suspenseful entertainment as well as fun in their spare time. Full Fat took the spy genre that continues to run it to create an innovative and create something new from this concept.

When you start a game this Dash Agent, you might guess that this game will be the same concept with the game Temple Run. And when you play it, you will feel something different from the game, with a secret agent theme.

These things prove that Full Fat successful working of this game, with the advantage on the chart and comfort in playing. For those of you who are interested and want to try this game can directly download it for free in the Android Store.

Good luck!