3 Attitudes To Protected From Violence in Office

Physical and psychological violence that came out of greeting colleagues or superiors could happen.

To avoid a protracted conflict in the workplace, the most fundamental thing that should be improved is communication.

Psychologists communication FISIP UI, Nina M Armando said most people always seek to understand, not understand. That which causes communication to be running ineffective and hampered.

However, communication is most common vertical communication from top to bottom, the boss is always ruled his subordinates do the job and is often accompanied by harsh criticism.

Nina should go, there is also the communication from the bottom up, so that information from subordinates can be considered an employer to make a decision.

To avoid violence in the office between subordinates and superiors fellow employees, according to Nina takes three attitudes are:

1. Empathy
Superiors and subordinates alike must possess empathy, not sympathy. Empathy means that we perceive and understand other people and not by reference to himself, but the benchmark person. Empathy also means that one must
can see the values, views and interests of others without comparing it with personal benchmarks.

The core of empathy is always looking at things from another benchmark, not personal. Not only boss who must empathize with subordinates, but also vice versa.

2. Open attitude
Problems that occur between superiors and subordinates is a matter of transparency. Many subordinates feel safe to be open to his boss. The causes vary, it could be because it is closed, excessive fear or because of a tenuous relationship with the boss.

But the best is the communication should be open communication. So try to be open to any employer risks.

3. Attitude to understand
To note is that the communication be contagious, so if we want to understand other people should first understand others. Do not be demanding in others.

“As long as the communication contains three elements, then there will be no arbitrary action in the office and harmonious relationship will be established between superiors and subordinates and fellow employees,” said Nina.