Preparing Milk milk

Give milk to your baby need to be prepared as well, although it does not require the preparation of a long time. With preparation, milk will come out smoothly and if you want to save it first before giving it to your baby, what to do?

Milk (pumping manually)

Put your thumb on top of the areola and the other fingers on the bottom of the areola (areola = dark area around the nipple).
Tap into the chest (do not massage the skin / breast bone), then press and off for a few minutes to stimulate reflex milk.
Repeat until milk comes out.
Milk that has been issued are usually accommodated in special sterile containers.  Milk is accommodated in a container are not sterile can be infected with germs that cause abdominal pain and diarrhea. Therefore, make sure you store the milk in a sterile container and give it with a bottle of milk that has been sterilized as well. If it were not breastfed will be given directly to the baby, save it first in the refrigerator (cooler). Milk stored in the refrigerator can last for 2×24 hours, while when stored at normal room temperature only lasted for about 5 hours. Moreover, breastfeeding is damaged and should not be given to infants.

Develop a Little Creativity

Basically, all children are creative, and always want to know new things, it’s just that distinguishes it is the limitations of the environment and a sense of enthusiasm for the little one to vary. As a parent, its obligation is explored talent and interest from an early age the little one. It is not difficult because of their own abilities that will stand out and be seen clearly, parents just need to facilitate and develop it as the original.

Not demanding wishes

The figure is not a good parent who demands everything at will. Example: the little one wants to be an expert musical talents while the little one would prefer to draw a lead to a fine art. This is not going to work because of the mismatch of interest. As a parent, must be able to accept the advantages and disadvantages of the Small. Always be sugest that he was capable of.
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Music Affect IQ and EQ in Children

We may often hear the debate about IQ and EQ. If the first person is often extolled IQ then present many opinions expressed about the role of EQ is more important than IQ. But, what is the IQ and EQ it?

IQ stands for Intelligent Quotient and EQ stands for Emotional Quotient. Simply put, IQ can be described as the ability to acquire academic skills and knowledge. When a child’s IQ is high, it is as if happiness is in sight. But, the first opinion. Apparently a high IQ does not necessarily guarantee a child to be happy, and conversely a low IQ is also not necessarily lead to a child’s emotional or moral failing.

What about EQ? EQ is a measure of the quality of one’s emotional to see such empathy, feelings, self-reliance, and solidarity.

Research shows that music greatly affects the level of a child’s IQ and EQ. Children who frequently listen to music turned out to have a value of IQ and EQ higher than children who rarely or never listen to music. This is because music stimulates the brain so as to assist the development of communication, social, and emotional child.
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How to Use Digital Thermometer?

It is part of the advancement of technology where the mercury thermometer began to be replaced by other ways that are relatively more secure.

Digital thermometers are usually equipped with a sound (eg beep) that will tell you that temperature measurement has been completed. Measurement is generally the same as the measurement using conventional thermometers (mercury), it’s just that you do not need to look at the clock to know when a temperature measurement is complete.

However, make it a habit to read first the instructions supplied by the manufacturer that the thermometer. Because maybe you buy a thermometer that require different ways to use.

Baby Bathing Tips

Pour cold water into the tub, then add enough hot water to reach temperatures of 40 degrees Celsius for up to 2 months old baby, and then gradually lower the temperature to 27 degrees Celsius for babies over 2 months.
Fill the tub with water as high as approximately 7.5 cm from the bottom of the tub.
For newborns, first clean the eyes with cotton that has been soaked in lukewarm water. Clean the baby’s eyes from the eye to the tip of the nose, use a different cotton for each eye.
Clean up all the little nostrils slowly with cotton buds which have been first dipped in clean water.
Replace the cotton in each nostril. Be careful, do not put cotton buds too deep.
Then wash also leaves your child’s ear with cotton buds that have given baby oil. Do not insert cotton buds into the ear hole, clean the outer ear only.
Before cleaning the body, gradually open the baby clothes. At first open shirt top, then baby diapers or pants.
Clean the baby’s genitals and buttocks with round cotton that has been soaked in water. Clean any pleats.
Then start soaping her hair and baby’s entire body, especially the folds of the legs, thighs, arms and neck by using baby soap.
Measure the temperature of the water back into the tub. Then slide your left hand down the neck of the child, and hold on tight armpit. child nape with Mrs. wrist, and held her with his right mother. Continue reading “Baby Bathing Tips”

Thalassemia, the Creator Anemia

For most parents, having a child with thalassemia is a very heavy burden, both moral and material. Because, in addition should continue to monitor the growth and development of the child, the costs required for blood transfusions is also quite expensive, can spend millions of dollars each month.

Thalassemia is a blood disorder hereditary (genetic). In this case, the red blood cells are not normally produced by the body and broken faster than normal red blood cells. As a result, throughout life people are forced to rely on donor blood supply in order to prolong its life.

In general, we divide into thalassemia major and thalassemia thalassemia minor (also called thalassemia trait / trait carrier). Generally, patients with thalassemia minor do not feel any symptoms. Only occasionally experience mild iron deficiency anemia. Fortunately again, not all patients with thalassemia minor or carrier would later develop thalassemia major. The possibility for almost nothing.
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Power Saving, Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnancy is not an illness that requires pregnant women get plenty of rest in bed. But because they have to share energy with the growing fetus, so you tend to tire easily.

That is why, we have to our doings while pregnant, so as not to run out of power even sickened. So, wherever you are, whether at home, office or in a public place, adjust the activity with your pregnancy.

At Home

Adjust the neatness of the house with the state standards and the ability of your body today. So, you do not have to clean up every time a newspaper on the table or smoothed potted ornamental plants in the yard.
Feel free to ask for help when you need it. For example, for objects on top of cabinets, or bring the goods to the top floor.
Delegate chores. To clean the house, wash clothes or cook, entrusted it to the maid. Of course, for your supervision.
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Pregnancy disorders that should alert

Pregnancy can bring happiness as well as discomfort. Happy because of the new life growing inside your womb. Uncomfortable because many commonly accompany pregnancy complaints such as nausea, vomiting, and so on. These complaints can be made ??during pregnancy should be a time of happiness turns into unpleasant. You may also be wary, lest the complaints of the mark a disturbance in pregnancy.

Actually, most likely the majority of complaints that you are experiencing is normal and occurs due to hormonal changes or stress / strain experienced heavy body due to pregnancy. However, it is also possible that you are experiencing severe disruption and harm to the fetus as well as yourself, for example:

1. Severe headache that does not go away

2. The views / blurred vision Continue reading “Pregnancy disorders that should alert”

Complaints overcome Cough and Fever in Small


Immediately take action:

Relieve cough medicines as directed by your doctor.
He try to drink more to thin the mucus.
Give special ointment for babies in the chest and back.
Call your doctor if your baby:

While coughing, also have a fever and vomiting.
Difficulty breathing.
Greenish mucus and smells.
Cough does not stop within a week.
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Sports Type For Pregnant Women

Objective exercise during pregnancy is to maintain a good fitness level. If you are healthy and your pregnancy is fine, then the exercise is a safe activity. If you are exercising regularly, adjust the exercise to body condition at this time. If you rarely exercise before pregnancy, there are several types of safe and effective exercise recommended by the American College of Obstetricians and gynecologist (ACOG).

Swimming or other water sports are very safe and suitable for pregnant women. You can achieve aerobic fitness without the fear of falling. If you are tired, you can float and relax. To get a good workout results, keep most of your body is in the water while exercising.

Walking is the safest exercise during pregnancy because of the tender exercise for the body and light to the joints. Use good walking shoes to maximize stability and comfort. Drink plenty of water and do not exercise at too hot or humid. Continue reading “Sports Type For Pregnant Women”