Assassin’s Creed 3 Experience the American Land

After waiting quite a long time while playing the role of Altair and Ezio Auditore in the last two adventures, eventually gamers around the world will be able to taste a new world in the third series of Assassin’s Creed. Yes, playing as Connor Kenway, Assassin’s Creed III will bring the war to the American Revolution in the 18th century as the main theme.

Starting from childhood Connor lives in a beautiful village, her life was full of tranquility and peace. But everything changed after the colonial attack, full residential fire. That’s when Connor becomes an Assassin journey began.

Later you will be able to see the skill of the Assassin Connor looks well used to help fight America, including a great help in the fight against bears and wolves.

Yes, besides crawling with soldiers in the Assassin’s Creed 3 also contained wild animals such as bears and wolves. If you want to challenge other areas are also still available high to climb and has a beautiful view when you’re ready to make the leap leave the iconic Assassin’s Creed called “Leap of Faith”.
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If milk Abundant

Not enough milk is troublesome. But what if your excess breast milk production?

Most mothers worry if their babies are malnourished due to maternal milk production slightly. But there is also the opposite. They even confused because its abundant milk production (hiperlaktasi). Even with the reflex light milk drainage course, radiating the breast milk was swift. Thus, of course, the mother is difficult to control, so that babies often choked, and then vomiting.

If the baby refuses to suckle and cry, the mother’s breast becomes “full” and bloated. In fact, the milk will drip and wet clothes. There are several reasons why this happens:

If hiperlaktasi experienced in the first week of lactation, so it actually reflects the enthusiasm hiperlaktasi mother’s body to produce as much milk as possible. When the mother and baby have discovered how to balance it, then this problem will go away by itself (within approximately 6 to 10 weeks). Continue reading “If milk Abundant”

Due around the baby choked on milk Excess

Hiperlaktasi is a condition in which the production of milk is abundant. With water jetting reflex milk that can make milk radiate light with very heavy, so it often causes the baby to choke and then vomited.

But the mother did not have to worry, because some following tips can help you to prevent infant choking:

Before feeding the baby, milk a little milk.
This action will slow the flow of milk that comes out when feed in infants. You should not flush the milk in amounts that are too much, and do not do it in between the two feeds. Because the more milk your cows and the more you stimulate the breast, the more milk your body produces.

Try feeding more frequently in a variety of positions.
Generally suitable position to address this issue is the position hiperlaktasi mother and baby half sleep mother’s breast. In this position, the flow of milk leads to the top, so that the discharge of milk is not too heavy.
To reduce milk production, you can do so by leaving milk in the breast. so the baby is not too long to feed. Along with the reduced amount of milk coming out of breast feeding at one time, your body will reduce its milk production. Continue reading “Due around the baby choked on milk Excess”

Am I Pregnant?

In pregnancy will be found some of the symptoms and signs of pregnancy. If you are in doubt whether pregnant or not, should consider the symptoms or signs of pregnancy following.
Some of the early symptoms of pregnancy:

Not getting your period / menstrual
This occurs because the wall of the uterus is prepared for pregnancy. It is important to know the first day of the last menstrual period, which can determine the approximate age of pregnancy and childbirth. But do not get your period, but as a sign of early pregnancy, it can also be caused by other things.

Nausea and vomiting
Occurs because of hormonal changes. Known as “morning sickness” because of nausea and vomiting often occur in the morning in the first months of pregnancy.
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Prepare Yourself For Pregnancy

Many women who do not suspect pregnancy came as preparations, especially the physical preparation to face the pregnancy has not been done. This preparation is necessary in order to conceive and give birth to a baby in good health.

Looking for those who want to have children, you can increase chances of getting pregnant if your physical condition is fresher and healthier. Preparation is not just for wives, but to husbands as well, required quality and quantity of sperm is good. Due to the occurrence of pregnancy, required preparation from both sides.

For The Husband

Stop smoking
Because smoking can cause infertility, thus reducing the chances of getting pregnant wife. In addition, cigarette smoke also affects the health of the fetus before and after birth.
Stop consuming alcohol in large quantities
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Air Battles in Video Game Sky Gamblers

You are tired of playing games that are always doing battle only on land? Want something different like doing battle in the air? That means you have to try this one game, Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy

Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy is a combination of Flight Simulation and Arcade Flight. You can control the plane with unique control and complete enough to make this game look like a simulation, but also retains the element of “fun” in the existing flight combat.

Campaign mode that is quite varied. Starting from dog fights, bombing runs, urban attacks, canyon runs, ground strafes, and a combination of all of them. Here you can also give orders to subordinates who are controlled by AI, as they keep telling you, or tell them to attack the enemy there.

Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy can be considered complete. Almost every mission begins with your existing control plane to do a take off, and ended with a plane landing perfectly.

In addition to the single player campaign mode also offers a variety of different modes that you can play with AI, namely Survival, Free For All, Team Deathmatch, Capture The Fag, Defend The Base, Free Flight to Last Man Standing. Continue reading “Air Battles in Video Game Sky Gamblers”

Emotional turmoil Expectant Mother

Natural emotional turmoil experienced by pregnant women. Of course, the origin is not excessive. The reasons are due to some hormonal changes in the body that is being set up various facilities for the growing fetus. Emotions of pregnant women will change with increasing gestational age.

Trimesters 1: department concerned

The women are generally overshadowed by the fear of the possibility of a miscarriage. Expectant mothers are also haunted by excessive anxiety about the condition of the fetus. Especially if this is your first pregnancy.

Various feelings make her pregnant, feeling like isolated from the environment. It may be that you feel depressed because of your desire to continue to discuss issues relating to your pregnancy is often different from the subject – people around. So join a group of moms. Your desire to share thoughts and feelings will certainly be met. Continue reading “Emotional turmoil Expectant Mother”

Brandnew Game Boy Offer Exciting Adventure

For you lovers of the game, of knowing when to use Unreal Engine game has 3D graphics mostly above average. And now for your iOS users who are curious to experience the game that uses the Unreal Engine, can try the latest games made from Oozoo Inc., is titled Brandnew Boy game.

In themed action-RPG game, you will play as a young boy, who lost his memory. Guided by a television that can talk, you finally know that you are actually named “Rookie”. In the confusion due to loss of memory, Rookie to wander against an enemy that was according to the television guide will help restore his memory.

In the Boy’s brandnew, Rookie will face multiple enemies at once. And the most common enemies you face here is the soldier eggs. When fighting, control offered quite unique and easily. You just do the tap on the enemy, the Rookie will automatically attack the enemy. Even if you do not do the proper tap on the enemy, Rookie still will attack the nearest enemy in the area in which you tap earlier. Continue reading “Brandnew Game Boy Offer Exciting Adventure”

New Experience Playing Game Rope Escape

You get bored with the wide selection of mobile games available today? If so you can try a new game with the theme of endless running available on the Android platform and Apple. Game proceeds made from the developer Deemedya MS Ltd is packaged in a fun and adorable, you will not be bored made. This game is titled Escape Rope.

In this game you will play as an archaeologist who stole a treasure trove of local primitives. All you have to do is run as far away from the chase and throw the weapon of angry residents.

Escape Rope is clearly different from the theme of endless running game. As stated in the title, you have to liberate yourself by using a rope. Yes, you have to hang on to the rope while jumping over the trees like Tarzan.

To bring the character jump using a rope, you have to do is press your finger on a tree, then your character will throw the rope to the tree and start swinging. To remove the strap, press anywhere and you should be hanging in a tree next. The game will end when you fall to the ground and the final score will be accumulated. Continue reading “New Experience Playing Game Rope Escape”